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Feb 18, 2010 11:49 AM

Frank Pepe's

Has the pizza at Frank Pep's gotten better. Have they gotten there act together.

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  1. The Frank Pepe's on Central Ave in Yonkers is wonderful. Perfect char, good sauce. Love the Tomato pie with mozzarella, bacon and fresh garlic. I've never been to the CT locations, but whatever they are doing here is terrific.

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    1. re: iluvcookies

      Whenever I've been to either Pepe's in CT, they were both also excellent.

      Glad to hear the one in Yonkers is equally good -- I'm waiting for the novelty to wear off or the warm weather to come, whichever comes first.

    2. have been to yonkers twice now, pepperoni (my way to judge) both times and it has improved, but nowheres near pepe's best. i am having doubts that they ever will, each person has just one job, one assembles, another puts in oven and still another takes out, also the handler never once shuffled the pies in the oven, only lifted to check the doneness

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      1. re: rich51

        I liked it - but with reservations. The crust on one pie was not just well done as requested - but burnt. The toppings were wrong on both pies and we waited twice as long as all the tables seated near us. We were joking that the reason for the wait was that they were plucking the chickens for our chicken topping. And one minor complaint - the tables are too far from the benches (and immovable - they're bolted to the floor) so you feel like you're sitting too far from the table. Watch those drips...

      2. Had a couple of white clam pies last week -- one with bacon and one "kosher" without bacon. Both were amazingly good -- worthy of the original on Wooster Street and worth a serious detour. Beer selection is small but classy, too.

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        1. re: surman

          Finally got there. A minimal wait and a good seating. Service was prompt and pleasant, and not grumpy. The wine, of course, is in the same silly little glass.

          The pizza? Well, I haven't had Al'Antica's, but Pepe's is the best pizza Westchester has to offer right now. Yes, it was that good, but...DH said it wasn't as good as Wooster St. or, he 'thinks', as Fairfield.

          We didn't order them well done, so they came out perfect. The sausage and mushroom cheese pie came out first, and had a nice char. The white clam was also cooked perfectly, but DH said there was an indefinable 'something' that was different.

          Since I didn't find that with either pie, I stand by this location for my Pepe's fix in the future. You can't see the oven from your seat and the waitress wasn't grumpy, but it didn't require a 90 minute drive or an hour wait, either. And at $46., there was no bank loan required to get out of the place. Thank you, heirs of Frank Pepe, for the forward thinking.

          1. re: anonymouse1935

            Hands down best pizza around. We used to road trip it to New Haven just for a pie.

            1. re: mamas girl

              It sure is. It was almost as good all week as leftovers.

              1. re: anonymouse1935

                ate there this week did a small clam extra garlic spinach and mozz- good eats

        2. we love the original in New Haven and the one in Fairfield is great but the one in Yonkers is inconsistent. we have had a good pie there but most of the time the pie has come out doughy and half cooked. I recommend traveling a bit further to the CT locations.

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          1. re: KarenNYC

            How many times have you been to Yonkers?

            I'll take my chances with Yonkers, the pies were just fine when I went, the best in Westchester.

            1. re: anonymouse1935

              We ate in Yonkers last week and it was excellent. The crust was perfect. It's the best PIzza we've had in the area since DeRosa's (at the firehouse) in Westport, CT closed. We'll go back again and again.

            2. re: KarenNYC

              We ate at Yonkers a few weeks ago, and the waitress actually told the pizza makers to re-do one of our pies because she felt it was too blackened. We waited a few extra minutes, and the pizza that came out was done to a T. This was my fourth visit, and each of the pies has been just about perfect.

              1. re: KarenNYC

                DH and I have been to the Yonkers location no less than a dozen times in the past 2 months. Pizza hasn't been undercooked at all, in fact they have been excellent.

                Traveling to New Haven for a pizza just isn't a reasonable option on a weeknight.

              2. I grew up in Westchester and my mom is still there. The most baffling thing is that to this day... there are very few good restaurants to go to. But one thing has been consistent - Central Avenue sucks. The stretch has seen the likes of Fudrucker's, Uno, and McDonald's come and go. When an old school diner is the best thing on the block - you know you're in trouble. Along comes FRANK PEPE'S. I was pretty skeptical. But for Westchester? This is a godsend. Seriously. Thin crust pizza - sauce that isn't too sweet - really simple toppings - the mushrooms aren't canned, which I can't say for many pizza joints out in the burbs. It's in fact Brooklyn quality (as a current Brooklynite I'm biased). The Foxon soda is good too - try the lemon lime. The photos on the wall of founder Frank and his family are great. But in truth the ambiance is nothing to write home about -- lights are really bright - but the pizza sure is great and you don't need that much ambiance in a pizza joint. Thank's to Frank and family.

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                1. re: brooklynbyotch

                  I agree, brooklynbyotch. I find it incredible that, in the 21st century, Westchester is such a vast wasteland of outstanding restaurants, even actually of very good restaurants. It barely has a decent showing of good restaurants. It DOES have a plethora of overpriced restaurants, though, so I assume that is something.

                  But yes, isn't it wonderful that we don't have to travel to New Haven for outstanding pizza? Another conundrum (in addition to the paucity of Asian restaurants and the utter lack of a Vietnamese restaurant) is the lack of great pizza in Westchester. WESTchester, for pity sake, which isn't all that far from Mulberry Street.

                  At any rate, Frank Pepe's fills the bill and the gaping chasm that was outstanding pizza in Westchester. Kudos to his heirs for having the foresight to come to lower Westchester.

                  Now, if Paul has really returned to Hunan Village in Hartsdale, there will at least be ONE outstanding Asian restaurant.

                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                    A paucity of Asian restaurants? You've got to be kidding. What we have is a surfeit, an overabundance, and a superfluity. I will agree that there is a lack of specific Asian cuisines, like Vietnamese, but there seems to be an Asian bistro of some type around every corner. And I agree with you on Pepe's -- a wonderful pizza and IMHO a VAST improvement over any other pizza in the county.

                    1. re: roxlet

                      True, a surfeit of sushi places, some very good, some only okay.

                      I meant Chinese restaurants, of which there are very few really good ones in Westchester.

                      1. re: anonymouse1935

                        And god forbid there be a good Thai place...

                    2. re: anonymouse1935

                      Not about Frank Pepe, but Hunan Village.

                      I stopped in to ask and Paul does not work at Hunan Village II in Hartsdale. The hostess told me he retired.

                    3. re: brooklynbyotch

                      (LOL) WESTCHESTER'S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET, very few good restaurants.surprisingly though, the pizzas have markedly improved if one is willing to enjoy non- ny style. .lincoln lounge and johnnies (too pricey though), in mt. vernon. anthony's coal fired in wp., (gasp) even f&f are all good for what they are or are not , also the place in armonk and down 22 by north white plains are great goto places, not destinations, but vg if in the area. also the place across from f&f in hartsdale and even colony - so still close to westchester

                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                          i think it is just called broadway pizza, but that may be the one on 22 by north white plains. i think it is the only one in their downtown 8 or 9 stores, and they are right in the middle of the block, again not great but vg and worth stopping at (imho) about 1 1/2 blocks up the main st. from village hall. been there a long time used to grab a slice before going to schultz's for cider and donuts ~sighs~