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Feb 18, 2010 11:38 AM

Pottstown/Sanatoga Recommendations

Hi all!
My boyfriend and I are moving to Pottstown/Sanatoga area next month and need some good go-to places to check out! I'm not too familiar with what Pottstown has to offer food wise. Anything stick out in your minds to try for casual, but good dinners with the boyfriend?

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  1. I do not live in Pottstown, but I am a frequent visitor as my daughter goes to school there. Hopefully some residents will chime in.

    The first and most obvious recommendation is Funkly Lil' Kitchen on King Street in Pottstown. It is a BYOB that does some very nice, creative cooking with as much seasonal, locally sourced ingredients as possible.

    My favorite place for breakfast/lunch is Shorty's Sunflower Cafe...amazing breakfast food, cute atmosphere, and very reasonable prices.

    We've also been to a restaurant called Henry's that specializes primarily in fish. It has odd hours as I recall, but we had a nice meal there. It is also a BYOB.

    There is a casual, red gravy Italian place on High Street called Angelina's. I haven't been there myself, but my daughter and her friends like it a lot.

    Speaking of pizza places, it sounds like Little Italy is a place to try out, and The Ice House is reportedly good for roast beef sandwiches. Again, I don't have personal knowlege of either place.

    Finally, Alabaster's Tea Room on High Street is adorable. Lovely teas, scones, etc as well as a very nice, well-prepared selection of salads and sandwiches in a charming atmosphere.

    Hope this helps you get started. Best of luck with the move!

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      Wow, these sound great! Thanks so much for the long list of recommendations! I look forward to checking them all out next month! The Tea Room sounds especially adorable...maybe I'll have to take my Mom there sometime for a girls outing :)

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        I'd head to Phoenixville, about 15 minutes from Pottstown. Lots of great little restaurants and pubs in the downtown (Bridge St) area. It's sort of like our little Manayunk in the burbs!

    2. I am not from there but whenever I travel through there I go to the Craft Ale House. Great selection of beers and much better than average pub food.