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Feb 18, 2010 10:59 AM

Authentic Filipino Food in Chapel Hill

So there's this new place on Franklin Street called Inihaw. Though the menu doesn't exactly list it, there's some really good Adobo chicken, Sinigang (definitely NOT on the menu), and chicken roasted (rotisseried?) over some hot coals. I noticed they closed early yesterday and I'm a bit worried that they might close for good. I want my Sinigang and chicken! Sorry for my ineloquence but if anyone wants to try some real Filipino (brought a Filipino friend along--she approved as well!) food, I think this place should be given a chance. Sadly, the good stuff isn't on the menu (though I haven't had most of the stuff from the menu). So yeah, Franklin Street. Inihaw. Cyan-like blue roof really close to the post office. I want my cheap and tasty food source kept open. Thanks!

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  1. They opened a few months ago. Then about two weeks later they were closed and had a sign that said "Owner on vacation". I hope they can cook better than they can run a business.

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      From what I ate, they definitely do. But I agree on their need to improve how they run the place.

    2. Where on Franklin? I haven't noticed it. Is it a sit down? Waiter service? and (say it with me) licensed?

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        The former Quizno's on East Franklin (between the Post Office and the Varsity). I've never been but OP makes it sound worth a lunch.

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          I had the sinigang (i call it "sour soup" haha) again was still tasty, but not *as* tasty as the one I had the other day. Quite inconsistent.

          No waiter service. But buying a whole charcoal rotisseried chicken to go? Mmmmm... That's a tasty meal or two right there.

          It's kind of hard to miss yet at the same time easy to. It has a cyan-like blue roof and the last couple of times I saw it, a flashing neon open sign. But it's a tiny place.

          EDIT: I ran across another thread (Butternut Squash which btw, I was highly disappointed in except for their seitan nacho(?) appetizer) where you asked whether they were licensed for WINE/BEER... and....I don't think so...BUT, if I remember correctly there is a sketchy-looking convenience-like store next door that might sell some...