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Feb 18, 2010 10:55 AM

Pliny the Younger Sightings?

Wasn't able to partake in many Beer Week festivities last week and somehow missed out on this year's Pliny the Younger. Any kegs left out there, particularly in the East Bay? I know Barclay's keg is gone. I was thinking of checking Bobby G's. Any other leads?

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  1. Saw it at the Toronado on Haight St in SF, along with 19 other beers from RRBC. Call and see if they still have it. (yes, there were 20 beers, that isn't a typo)

    1. The Trappist in Oakland had it last year and I heard they have it this year too... Not sure if they still have it, but you can check them out!

      1. The Hopyard in Pleasanton usually has it.

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          Hopyard-San Ramon still had it as of Sunday (on their 2nd keg of PtY). This year was my first time sampling it and I really enjoyed it!

        2. What's the difference between the Younger and the Elder?

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          1. re: mrs bacon

            Elder is a double IPA and the Younger is a triple

          2. May be too far afield, but Russian River Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa had it last wkend.

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              No longer at the pub in Santa Rosa. In fact, if you weren't there the day of its release, February 5th, then you didn't get any there. Went on tap 11AM, sold out at 7PM. The bride and I were there and I still have 3 growlers in my fridge. The most glorious IPA wine ever.

              1. re: bayareatiger

                They still had a keg of it at City Beer this Friday night...but it got kicked while I was there (sorry!). With that said, the owner is a very cool dude so he could probably direct you to a either another place that either has it on draft or if you have a keggerator, perhaps order you a keg.

                1. re: MaddyK

                  This beer is more in demand this year than any other year.

                  They even cut back the distributors and the beer bar list this year:

                  Check Vinnie Cilurzo's notes:


                  At this point I would be very surprised to find this on tap anywhere, and you could not buy a keg for yourself, they've never offered them through anybody for resale.

                  It was literally liquid gold this year.

                  Think I'll have a glass tonight from my growler in the fridge. ; ' )

                  1. re: bayareatiger

                    The Toronado had it last night, but not sure if it's still there or if it got kicked.

                    1. re: bayareatiger

                      I think my quest is fruitless at this point. My understanding is that Vinnie asks anyone with a keg to tap it within hours of when they do at the pub in Santa Rosa. So, I really needed to get it Beer Week or wait another year. Definitely more of a frenzy this year!

                    2. re: MaddyK

                      Wow, can't it was still at City Beer! Damn! Yeah, Craig is the best.