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Feb 18, 2010 09:35 AM

Fra'Mani penne Bolognese at Costco

I was looking at it yesterday and the sodium and carb per serving sounded good. The only reason I didn't pick it up was I usually make whole wheat pasta dishes and this is made with the regular pasta. Has anyone tried this?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Actually, Fra' Mani prepared foods (penne, risotto, meat loaf) are exclusive to Costco...The rest of the products (salami, ham, sausages, etc.) are sold elsewhere though...

      1. re: chzpants

        I know that. I buy his stuff from Whole foods. What is your point? I just wanted to know if someone has tried this product.

        1. re: mrsjoujou

          Sorry to upset you, I was responding to someone who said the product was not exclusively appears the comment I was responding to has been removed. Have a nice day!

    2. I'll try it next time I go mrsjoujou. I've been cooking a lot and it sounds like a nice vacation night for me sometime soon.

      1. mrsjoujou: To answer your question dirctley, I have tried the Fra' Mani Penne Bolognese from Costco, it's delicious. I've eaten several of the packaged entrees from Costco and Fra' Mani's penne bolognese is by far the best of them, in my opinion. And, like most Italian pasta and meat sauce dishes the leftovers are even more tasty the second day. I usually add a bit more shredded Mozarella cheese (than is supplied in the package) before cooking. Then I sprinkle a bit of ground Parmesan - Romano - Asiago cheese on top. Go for it!

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          Thank you for reporting. I will try it soon if they still have it.