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Feb 18, 2010 09:27 AM

Any Good Indian Buffets by a trolley line?

I'm a trolley nut who will ride SEPTA trolleys on Saturday to get pictures of them in the snow. Any good recommendations for Indian Buffets near the 10, 13, 15, 34 or 36 lines? Or Center City on Saturday?

It'll be cheesesteaks if this idea craps out. Good, but fattening.

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  1. Sitar India on 38th and Tandoor India and New Delhi on 40th are near the trolleys. Haven't been to them more than a couple times each, they are good but not amazing. Kabobeesh, which is not a buffet but is cheap and plentiful, is Pakistani but way better than the buffets. It's at 42nd and Chesnut.

    Samosa on Walnut btwn 12th and 13th is pretty good, too, and near the Juniper stop.

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      i would also like to add sitar india to indian joints near the #10 trolley. new delhi is my favorite of these though. kabobeesh = very good suggestion too.

      there are two EXCELLENT indian restaurants along the #15 route, but right now, that trolley has been replaced by a bus since there are so many snow banks along the route still. but without further ado: ekta at girard and marlborough and tiffin at 7th and girard. they are both excellent but i like the food at ekta more. tiffin has way more seating options though (ekta has like 8 chairs?) and the food there is very good, so take your pick. ekta is a bit spicier if that will help your decision....

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        crap - i don't think either of these places has a buffet, just reread your original message.

    2. There's a chaat place right on the 34 line (Desi Chaat House is the name, I think?). Get off at 42nd and go to the SW corner. It's cheap and plentiful - not a buffet but is directly on the trolley line.

      1. Take the Blue Line to 69th Street and take the 101 to Media....Hit Shere-E-Punjab at 208 West State Street in Media. The buffet is 11:30A-3P and the food is good. Lots of good snow picture opps in between.