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Feb 18, 2010 09:08 AM

Casual Vegas

I am heading to Vegas today with a group of guys in their 30's. Can I get some recommendations for some casual places with great food where the prices won't offend my non-foodie friends?

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  1. Without knowing specifics like where you're staying, budget, tastes and whether you'll have a car, my best suggestion is check the casual dining links at the hotel in which you are staying. You might also want to check for Winter Specials or Prix Fixe meals at the fine dining restaurants in the hotels. Many have great deals running $30-60.00pp.

    1. If you're on The Strip, I'd suggest:

      Society @ Encore
      First @ Palazzo
      Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris
      Burger Bar @ Mandalay Bay
      Border Grill @ Mandalay Bay

      And if you can drive off Strip, here are some additional good finds:

      LBS Burger Joint @ Red Rock
      Settebello @ The District/Green Valley Ranch
      Todd's Unique Dining (in Henderson)
      Off The Strip (in Southern Highlands)
      Firefly @ The Plaza (Downtown)