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Feb 18, 2010 09:08 AM

Bolognese sauce

My DH absolutely loves Bolognese sauce. So far we are unable to find a really good offering out there . Where is your fav spot to order this in a resto? Something in the Belmar area would be good but can do Ocean County too..

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  1. This is pretty subjective and depends on what your husband considers his touchstone of Bolognese sauce. One person's Bolognese is another person's marinara sauce with ground beef thrown in. Are we talking a true Bolognese like you would be served in the Bologna, Italy and the surrounding Emilia-Romagna region? If so, I've yet to tast one of equal quality here in the US. I'm curious to see what kind of responses you get Barbarella. Good post!

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      Definately not the marinara with just beef thrown in. I am not sure exactly what the one that is served in Bologna is like. He seems to like it with sausage and a bit of cream in it.

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        That's not a true Bolognese sauce. But it's what he likes and that's what counts. Can't help you out with a restaurant, becasue I've never had a Bolognese with sausage and cream.

    2. It's Monmouth county but Basil T's in Red Bank makes a fantastic bolognese.

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        I also like Basil T's bolognese sauce a great deal. During March they are rolling back prices to what they were 24 years ago, so that may be a good time to drop in and try it. Check the website but I believe its a Mon-Thursday offer.

      2. Generally I'm not a big fan of Bolognese sauce but decided to try it at I Cavillini in Colts Neck a few years ago. We do not frequent this restaurant very often but when we do it is now my only choice for a main course - it is simply that good.

        1. Since I love this place for lunch, I am sure the bolognese must be good as well.


          I know it is Shrewsbury, but I thought I would throw it into your mix!

          1. If you have not been to Stella Marina definetly give their bolognese a try. In my opinion it's their best pasta option. They serve theirs with fresh pappardelle and a dollop of marscapone. The marscapone starts to melt into the pasta as you eat it giving it a certain creaminess I think your DH is looking for.

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              Thanks for the info A C Captain. I have that resto on my "check out" list and will have him get that when we do go there.

              1. re: Barbarella

                Trader Joe's sells a great jarred bolognese sauce. Better then you might expect..