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Feb 18, 2010 08:53 AM

Inner Harbor Area Restaurant recommendation

The past few years my mother and I have gone to the Blue Sea Grill for dinner when we do our annual Baltimore trip, but this year we want to try somewhere new after the experience was just really disappointing last year.

We are looking for recommendations for places to eat in the Inner Harbor Area that are comparable to Blue Sea Grill.

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  1. The Oceanaire in Inner Harbor East comes to mind.

    1. There are a few excellent restaurants in the Harbor East neighborhood (right next to the Inner Harbor) - Oceanaire, Cinghiale, Roy's

      1. Note that you will have to find somewhere new, as Blue Sea Grill closed last year.

        1. If you're willing to head towards Fell's Point (just east of the harbor), the Black Olive has amazing seafood-- always the highest quality. I have never been let down there.

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            I've only eaten at Black Olive once, and it was a few years ago. (I live car-less in DC, so I don't get to Baltimore as often as I'd like.) However, the grilled pompano I had that night still lives in my memory as the best best fish I've ever eaten.

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              Thanks! I made a reservation at Black Olive

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                super! you will love it! let us know about your experience.

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                  We had a great time at the Black Olive. The atmosphere was so cozy and the service was great. The food was delicious and I loved how they take you back to look at all the fish on ice and tell you about the specials of the day. Thank you again for the recommendation. We will definatly go back. Im glad we ventured out of the Inner Harbor into Fell's Point

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                    So glad you had a wonderful experience!

            2. If you venture over to Fells Point, Kali's Court, and their other related restaurants, Mezze and Meli's are wonderful.

              Tabrizi's is another option. It's a lovely restaurant with a Mediterranean inspired cuisine.

              My husband and I also enjoyed Blue Sea Grill and are disappointed that it closed. We were fortunate to never have had a bad experience while dining there.

              Another "old time" favorite that I would suggest is Tio Pepe's and/or Sotto Sopra. FoiGras

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                Tio Pepe = Barf x3. Prime Rib is decent. The Charleston. Chiapparellis, or Aldo in Little Italy.