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Feb 18, 2010 07:53 AM

Tasco Appliances - stay away

I hope this post saves others the aggravation. Honestly do not shop there. They are great until the appliance is in your house and need to speak with someone.

Anytime I've had to deal with their service department it's been a total nightmare. The first time about 2 years ago, they were so useless we gave up and decided to have Sears come out and fix our problem.

Today was the last straw! I called to book a service call. After waiting on hold what seemed like quite awhile a fellow picks up the line to say 'hold please'. What? Why pick up the line if you're not in a position to assist??

Whoa, I can already feel my blood pressure rising. He finally returns and I tell him I would like to book a service call. He immediately starts to try to talk me out it. I tell him a. the oven is acting up, b. it's 3 years old and never serviced and c. I purchased the extended warranty and would like to have someone come and look at it. He then tells me "fine but if the technician does not find anything wrong with it I will have to pay for the visit".

OMG, they are the worst and I am so fed up with them. But wait, there's more, he then proceeds to tell me 'he will have someone from service contact me within 48 hours to book a visit". What was his job? You mean he can't even book the appointment? What was the point of talking with him?

What bothers me is the fancy extended warranty brochure says unlimited service calls. But naturally you need to read the fine print. I hate sh*t like that. They are very quick to sell you the warranty but g-d help you if you actually try to use it.

Talk about run around. I've never experienced such lousy customer service, ever!
Seriously save yourself a lot of aggravation and shop elsewhere. If you don't believe me, do your homework. Just google tasco reviews. Lots of disgruntled people out there. How do they get away with it? I am so sorry I bought from them. Don't make the same mistake.

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  1. The source of this very common problem probably involves farmed-out service contracts. Whoever holds the contracts in turn hires service people who actually show up at your house. Suspect that's how Tasco play it. It's a crappy system that's sadly the norm now for many appliance makes.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      You know what, that's exactly what happened. I received a follow up call this morning from a third party wanting to book the appointment. I could barely make out what he was saying on the phone.

      Their brochure even makes a point of saying no third party involvement. What a load of crap.

    2. millygirl,

      I have no experience with TASCO and I am glad from what I read. I usually find extended warranty as subpar. It is their job to make a profit from extended warranty for any company. As such, it is their interest to sell a lot of extended warranties and provide the least. It is much better to do a pay as you go -- pay a guy to come over to fix your appliances when they are broke. In this case, the guy has not received your money and want your business and know he cannot get his money until he come to your home and fix your stuffs. It is in his interest to fix your stuffs as soon as possible, so he can get paid. The downside is that he may try to overcharge you, whereas you cannot be charged in a warranty.

      Well, your fancy warranty brochure is correct. You do have unlimited service calls.....They just make it very painful for you.

      1. 3 days ago I purchased a fridge, range and dishwasher from TASCO's Mississauga location. The next day I called as there was a rebate that was not applied so I inquired how to get it, I was told by an associate that it was already applied to which I requested to cancel the order.

        I emailed my rep Jeff P. who was nice enough to offer to look into it on his next shift, the following day I get a call from their distribution centre to arrange delivery, they confirm the day and when I asked what time I should expect them, I was told that I would get a call the night before. When I asked for a ballpark range I was told again I’ll get a call the night before. When I explained this would not work it fell on deaf ears and I was hung up on.

        I email my Jeff P. and request to cancel the entire order, due to service issue and frankly the fear of future problems down the road and how they are addressed. I get a call on his next shift, I am essentially blamed for the issue and labeled difficult to deal with. The rep tries to salvage the sale but at this time my concerns outweigh the deal so I advised I would like to cancel the entire order.

        I am told that since I am backing out of the deal, he "will make sure" I am charged the full deposit which in this case was $500. I make a trip to the store to make one last attempt to sort this out and get my deposit back. In speaking to Jeff and Jim the manager, I am told they will not consider doing anything. We discussed for about 45minutes with no results, all they were willing to do was threaten to call the police and at one point they even threatened to contact my employer and "let them know about my attitude" and standing angrily close to me while trying to be intimidating.

        Jim the general manager made several accusations and was disturbingly rude and on occasion uninformed about the topic being discussed, he kept diverting the conversation, excusing himself for no reason from the conversation and making personal attacks, instead of trying to work with me to save the sale or at least what could be salvaged.

        Needless to say now I have to fight through the courts for my deposit and will be spreading the news to who ever has any consideration of purchasing from them.

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        1. re: kyfe101

          Why would a confirmation call the night before "not work for you"?

          1. re: poser

            Poser - it's very simple. I'm just guessing here but it's probably because most people have jobs and lives and need to make arrangements ahead of time? Most places will give you a 4 hour window.

            kyfe101 - consider yourself lucky that you did not go through with the purchase. And trust me - once the items are delivered it's the last time you get the opportunity to speak with your salesperson. After that, it's their useless customer service team.

            Can you tell, I hate this place!!!!

            1. re: millygirl

              Why are you any different then anyone else having a delivery? I'm sure the store would love to be able to pin point when your delivery will be made. But in real life the deliveries have to be routed in a way that is most efficient for the store and to make sure all the deliveries are made by the days end. Do you think you are the only one having to make arrangements?

              I don't know this store from Adam, but I can assure you their delivery practices are no different then any other store or company that have to make deliveries.

              1. re: poser

                I'm not sure how deliveries work in San Francisco, but here in Toronto a simple four hour window is very possible.

                For the last 23 years I've worked in an industry where delivering by truck is integral to success. We can arrive at a precise time when needed by the client and arrange 4 hour delivery windows around those with other clients. Our routing is impeccable. Only last minute orders have to be worked into the route the day before. The day before, not that evening.

                What kyfe101 requests from the shipper in this city is fair and reasonable. You cannot expect that people can leave work or family arrangements to the last possible moment. That only implies that the supplier is more important than the client.

                1. re: Googs

                  Having to wait for a delivery is a drag for sure. But the OP knew she would have to make some arrangements to be available for the delivery whenever it came. I have been in the same position. I was notified the night before if the four hour window was in the A.M. or P.M. I just figured I would have to be flexible about my work schedule, and make do.

                  Unfortunately, things aren't cut in stone anymore. Take your car in for repair, you would think a finish time would be easy. And Cable or Sat. TV repair?...... no comment on that!

          2. re: kyfe101

            You should tweet something about this.

            1. re: kyfe101

              How did you pay for the deposit? Anything, term-wise, in anything you signed for the deal covering deposits, etc.?

              BTW, why TASCO? Their rep is pretty awful and their prices usually not so sweet, esp. in Mississauga where the competitions is fierce on appliances.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                If you paid by VISA, they will refund your deposit, and then follow up with the merchant. However I do not know the time limit on this.

                I also went to the TASCO store in Mississauga, and was extremely disappointed. There were signs for manufacturer's discounts on several appliances, but the salesman told me that the discounts had already been applied - when clearly they had not. Also, when I asked the price or other details for several items, the price quoted always ended in "but we can do something on that, depending on what you decide on". In other words, the price is not the price if you negotiate - I hate that, and don't trust any store that does it. I just want the bottom line so that I can compare.

                Instead, I went to the Goeman's Clearance Centre (in Burlington) and bought a stove and a dishwasher. First of all, they were able to give me more details about delivery times so that I could make arrangements - as "Googs" indicates above. Secondly, they phoned when they were one delivery away, and gave me a remarkably accurate estimate of when they would arrive and checked that this was still convenient. And finally, unlike many deliveries I have had over the years, they came when they said they would. I could not have been happier.

                However, there were serious issues with the stove, and two minor issues with the dishwasher. I called Goeman's service centre, and before I knew it, I was dealing with the manager of the Clearance Centre as well as the service person. In the end it took over a month and several visits to sort it all out, but in all cases, Goeman's was polite and helpful and pro-active. In the end they gave me a free extended warranty on both items for my troubles (I did not ask for anything - their idea). I am not sure that one needs to go to the Clearance Centre to get a deal - just watch for a sale.

                Both items were Bosche appliances, and they do outsource their service calls. However, the service men who came were very knowledgeable and helpful, and rather than suggesting that my stove could be fixed, saw that it was replaced with a whole new unit. And they decided to fix the two minor issues on the dishwasher, which I had not bothered about.

                All in all, Goeman's and Bosche turned a lemon of a situation into a peach of a situation, and I will be a repeat customer for both; even if their prices are not the cheapest, I feel the service and overall quality is worth it.

              2. re: kyfe101

                Did they tell your mommy on you for your lousy attitude??

                I would've let them call your employeer, tell them you're difficult (or whatever) then take them to court for defamation.


              3. Well I have shopped with Tasco since 2008 and I have to say that the service has been uniformly excellent... far, far above any other retail outlet. The storepersons were knowledgeable and helpful, actually LISTENED to what we wanted and helped us choose.
                We had an issue with our dishwasher. One call and a serviceman was there 1, YES ONE , day later to fix it. We live in a rural area so getting service is usually a chore from suppliers, but not with Tasco, I would unreservedly recommend them

                As far as Sears goes... STAY FAR, FAR, FAR, AWAY from them. Their service is non existant. We waited 6 ,YES 6, WEEKS to get our washing machine repaired under warranty no less. Many many promises to come and always some excuse as to why no serviceman arrived. Called repeatedly, spoke to supervisors, got service confirmation numbers all to no avail. In the end we went to Tasco, bought a new washer and they delivered it next day, Sears FINALLY came to fix the washer a week later. Now we have 2 washers but never Sears again for us

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                1. re: Vik911

                  Keep in mind, this was posted 3 years ago.

                  I have not been back since so I can't say but I'm glad your experience was better. Maybe they have addressed their problems but at that time, a google search confirmed my negative experience.

                  1. re: millygirl

                    I am sorry to hear about your problems Millygirl. My experience was completely opposite to yours. We did a major kitchen reno (right down to the studs) and replaced all of our appliances... about a $20k purchase. The sales person at Tasco in Mississauga was excellent and very patient as we reviewed several options before deciding upon our purchase. I cannot comment on the installation process as our contractor received the delivery and did the install.

                    I would have no hesitation using them again.

                    1. re: cynalan

                      thanks cynalan. I'm happy you did not have the same woes as I. We dealt with the North York store and who knows, maybe its better now but personally, I would never step foot in the place.

                2. My family has been customers of Tasco for years.

                  Most recently I spent about $20K when we redid our kitchen at Tasco - had a few issues (wine fridge conked out 2 weeks after installation, one of the burners on the Wolf range was wonky, etc) each time I simply called the CS office, and in the former, a new fridge was sent by the company who makes them, the latter, new parts were sent out the next week.

                  I have had no issues with them whatsoever.

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                  1. re: Sadistick

                    $20K spent, you had one whole appliance and some parts replaced and you see no issues? You are too kind. I guess I'm old fashioned and expect something to arrive in working condition and to last for many years.