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Feb 18, 2010 07:28 AM

Restaurants specifically serving the McDougall Diet

When In Windsor, Angela's Taqueria had a section called the McDougall menu. It included a veggie torta sandwich, bean burrito, veggie burrito, bbq tofu burrito and tofu taco.

A response to that report was

"Dr. McDougall and his diet center are based in Santa Rosa, so a number of area restaurants make an effort to have menu items that comply with the McDougall diet. Taqueria Santa Rosa, a local chain, has offered a McDougall menu for more than 20 years"

The diet is nearly vegan, based solely on grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans

While I'm sure that any vegan restaurant would do, I'm curious exactly what restaurants specifically include McDougall dishes.

Since I've probably been on almost every diet in my life, I can't believe I never heard of the McDougall diet. It seems alot like Barry Sear's diet ... though that is focused for heart patients.

McDougall even has a celebrity chef weekend that has included Eric Tucker, cookbook author and creator of the Millennium restaurant's menu

They even have vacation packages to places like Costa Rica and Guatemala. So maybe when I get back from the later, I should consider living in the Santa Rosa area. Thus my questions about restaurants serving McDougall dishes.

Seriously, this man is Bay Area based ... for over 20 years... and I never heard of him.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. He used to be interviewed regularly on the radio, I think KCBS because that's what I listened to before I found KSFO. At one time he was bringing out a line of food products. Many claims of improved health and improved lipid numbers after following diet plan.

    2. I believe McDougall also developed his diet for treating/recovering from heart disease. I may even have a book of his around, from several years ago when a good friend of mine was recovering from heart surgery.

      1. The Sonoma Taco Shop in San Rafael and (I believe) Santa Rosa has a McDougall section on the menu. The McDougall menu is vegan and fat free.

        1. McDougall is the reason I decided to go from omnivore to pretty much vegan. I only looked back once, my birthday last year.

          While I have NEVER seen a restaurant that specifically states it is McDougall friendly, I do find that a lot of the vegetarian/vegan restaurants very easily accommodate this diet.

          It's not really a diet, in the sense that you restrict your food intake. You have to eat when you're hungry. I would love to hear your recommendations as to restaurants. I generally go off the wagon and eat some fat when I'm in SF, but I will say that I had a decent, fairly low-fat meal at Kasa, in the Castro.

          1. El Patio (apparently Numero Dos, per the website), on 4th Street in Santa Rosa also has a "McDougall" menu as well. Although, I wonder what type of tortilla they use that is vegan...I've never sampled that menu, but may, in the future, just to report back.

            I NEVER would have figured this out. Thanks RW!



            El Patio Mexican Food
            901 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404