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Feb 18, 2010 07:24 AM

Good take out in Edmonton

I live in Chicago and my boyfriend lives in Edmonton. I often times like to surprise him with take out delivered to his place. What are the best take out restaurants in Edmonton? I'm not looking for specific types of food...just a variety

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  1. Take a look here and tell us what part of the city he lives...

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    1. re: Dan G

      He lives north...near 167th ave & 112th st I hope that helps...and thanks!

      1. re: turtlegirlee

        Sorry I can't help...never been anywhere near that part of town, and dialandine doesn't seem to deliver there. I think that far north, it is pretty much foraging in the tundra :).

        1. re: turtlegirlee

          That location is a little difficult and probably won't be served by dialanddine. I live near the downtown but out of their service areas by a few blocks.

          Certainly, the big pizza chains would deliver there and some, like Boston Pizza, do more than pizza. Actually their Jack Daniels ribs are not bad at all for takeout. Not really Chowhound quality though.

          There may also be places on the east-end of St. Albert that would deliver.

          The only places in that area I have been to and thought were good/OK. are Mount Fuji shushi and San Remo italian. Don't know if either delivery. Would bet not.

          1. re: pengcast

            There's a Vietnamese place nearby called Co Do Hue but I can't remember if they deliver. I know they do take out. Couldn't hurt to call them and check.

            Boston Pizza will definitely deliver and I agree there are a lot more items on their menu other than pizza. Funky Pickle (pizza) might be another place to consider. There's Panago, Pizza Hut, Pizza 73 and Little Caesars in the area as well, but not sure you'd want to do those.

            Most of the non-chain restaurants in the area only do take out, not delivery unfortunately. I can't think of any places in St. Albert that would deliver to Edmonton either, other than chains.

            And no, that area is not served by Dial and Dine.

            1. re: anonymoose

              I might be completely alone in this, but I like Swiss Chalet delivery, I believe they deliver to anywhere in the city.