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Feb 18, 2010 06:54 AM

Kosher Hotels for Passover on the East Coast

I am looking for someplace to go for Pesach in New York, New Jersey, or Maryland. Any recommendations?

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  1. Motty Katz's program, this year at the Tarreytown Hilton, is really great. This will be our 4th or 5th year with him. The caterer is Chap A Nosh and the crowd is down to earth. There are all kinds of Jews so everyone feels welcome. He's also VERY accomodating and really goes to great lengths to make you happy. Hope you find a great program that you will enjoy !

    1. Ocean Place in Long Branch,is a lovely place. It is right on the Jersey Shore. The tea room overlooks the ocean. The hotel exits onto the boardwalk. You can walk on the boardwalk . The food is excellent and plentiful. There are various entertainment options. The crowd is friendly and varied. They have both separate and mixed swimming in an indoor pool. We have been going for chol hamoed and the last days for about 5 or six years. We look forward to it from year to year.

      1. I'm also looking for a "local" hotel, I wonder why the beaches of Long Island aren't being considered!

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          There really are no large hotels on any of the Long Island beaches. There use to be one in Lido Beach many years ago.

        2. We are looking for a local hotel (tri-state area) for a Chol Hamoed family outing either just Thursday - Friday or preferably Thursday - Sunday. The Homewack used to offer Chol Hamoed specials for families that were just looking to 'get away' for Chol hamoed.

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            Used Leisure Time Tours for about 5 years (at The Nevele in the Catskills) but always had problems which they tried hard NOT to resolve. You could see them sitting at the same large table in the dining room, but if you went up to them with a problem they didn't want to help It seemed like THEY were the guests and after you paid they were through with you. We went with Ocean Place after that for a few years but I guess due to the economy the food quality got worse and more sparse, and the help they hired in the dining room were rookies with absolutely no experience (which showed). We're thinking of trying Gateways at The Stamford Hilton in CT this year.
            CAN ANYONE HELP US WITH GATEWAYS ? Todah Rabah.

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              My husband and I were VERY impressed with Gateways...we went for Rosh wise I thought they did an admirable job (People really go for the programming, not the food).

              My kids (ages 5, 6, 9 and 9) were only somewhat impressed with the Childcare...but it was good enough that I got to sit in hours worth of classes, and my husband loved the davening.

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