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Feb 18, 2010 06:48 AM

brooklyn bread

where's the best place in brooklyn for a good crusty loaf of bread or an italian roll?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Royal Crown Bakery on 14th Ave. Their breads and pastries are to die for.

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      oh ya
      +1 for royal crown

      make sure you go around the corner to their pannini location and get some great sandwiches made on the same bread!

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        I agree, Royal Crown is great (tho they dont offer the Paneantico any more)
        not the place for semolina, we like especially the big rings, the largest rounds and "ciabatta" shapes. Fig bread, chestnut bread and some of the other things too. royal crown breads are sold at the Brooklyn Bread stores in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, as well as at their Paneantico store in Bay Ridge. They also wholesale - Ive seen it up at Grand Central and at Blue Apron in Park Slope, but why not go to one of their own stores if possible?

        that said there is lots of OTHER great bread in Brooklyn.

        Another source for good italian Bread is Napoli Bakery on Metropolitan Ave (Williamsburgh) - Coluccio sells some good breads from different sources, including some great focaccias and sliced rounds from Savarese down the street. There are some places on 18th Ave, for example, and Mazzola's in Carroll Gardens has some good items. If you like Lard Bread, there is a good thread on that topic specifically..

        you can get good breads at the GAP Greenmarket - the Bakers Bounty sesame semolina is our longterm fave of that type, (not sure they are there now during winter season)

        Amys and Tom Cat bread is widely available, Brooklyn Larder carries Grandaisy,Sullivan Street and hopefully again Scratch breads - hwas he been producing again?? Blue Apron carries a similar selection and I assume other similar high end outlets the same.

        There is turkish bread, arabic bread, eastern european rye bread, georgian bread, many others around too - if you get more specific you will get clearer responses.

      2. Named every year as #1 best baguette in NYC is ALMONDINE in DUMBO. The plain baguette is wonderful, and the Baguette Almondine is part whole grain. Many other breads are available, including a terrific Fig or Raisin and Hazelnut Boule. Slices thin and toasted, it is the perfect pairing with a cheese platter.

        We also love the Golden Raison Bread from CAPUTO on Court Street. It is the House specialty bread at HENRY'S END. The Lard Bread, chock a block full of Salami, Proscuitto and peppery is great. Terrific toasted.

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          The breads at Mazzolla (Union and Henry) are worthy of consideration here. The olive bread rocks - crunchy crust, soft and savory innards. As a non-pork eater, I haven't had the lard bread, but it's supposed to be exceptional. (Unrelatedly, they also do a mean, buttery croissant, although it's a bit on the dense side. )