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Feb 18, 2010 06:09 AM

soft and limpy my waffles are :-(

crunchy and crispy they are not.

how to make day ahead waffles stay crispy and come out crunchy when reheated in the toaster?
(like the eggos')

using the basic recipe with flour/eggs-whipped whites separately/oil/baking power/soda/pinch of salt

my gut says its in the flour the answer lies
what do you'all say?

(heck- i am ready to use a boxed mix only for this -to impress the family:)

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  1. Try replacing some flour with corn meal. Is your recipe low in fat? Extra fat may help crisp things up too. Also, I'm thinking the separated egg whites may make your batter more souffle-like and moist.

    1. I think raised waffles _ that is, with yeast _ come out crisper than any other kind. Look for the Marion Cunningham raised waffle recipe. Those are my go-to waffles.

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      1. re: NYCkaren

        I second the awesomeness of this recipe. I made them last weekend and was impressed.

      2. What type of waffle iron are you using? I find waffles from the Belgian type maker are crispier than the ones from the maker with the small holes. Also, make sure your waffle iron is properly heated so the waffles fry against the surface rather than steam.

        Oh, and your recipe doesn't have any sugar in it. Crispy restaurant waffles (at least the ones I have tasted and disliked) are sweeter. That would also contribute to a crisp crust.

        I don't like crisp waffles myself, so I avoid ordering them in restaurants. When they are crisp, they don't soak up the syrup or compote or butter as well.

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        1. re: Sooeygun

          I'm thinking sugar as well. Whether plain, or malt, or doesn't yeast have something to do with sugar as well (as NYCkaren suggested yeast)

          I got a really nice, extra deep, belgian waffle maker for xmas, and I've been trying recipes. I'm starting to think that malt powder (which, I believe is a form of a sugar) is more of a key ingredient than stiff peak egg whites folded in. I'm still testing....

        2. It could be that your waffle iron isn't hot enough, too. I like yeasted waffles better. You could also put them in a hot oven, on a baking rack on a cookie sheet, and finish them.

          1. you aren't using buttermilk , are you? it makes my waffles limp.

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            1. re: danna

              I use cream. And melted butter. Separated eggs. And malt if I have it. The leftovers get frozen, and when toasted are very crispy. My waffle maker is an old GE, tricky because it has to cycle a few times (lights on and off) and you have to sort of watch it warming up.

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                Malt is in a lot of grocery waffles; I'm sure that besides the taste, it's used for the texture. I also like the yeasted waffle; it has more character