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Feb 18, 2010 05:59 AM

Sandwhich moving (Chapel Hill, NC)

There was a brief note in the Daily Tarheel this morning saying that Sandwhich is moving out onto Franklin Street.

It looks like this is the space that was once the Patio Loco? I'm excited by the prospect of Sandwhich rotisserie chicken.

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  1. yes, it is the old Patio Loco space. in fact, they (Sandwhich) already has a sign up advertising this.

    i was also told that Vimala Rajendran ( will be moving into the Sandwhich space in The Courtyard.

      1. It is great news, but I hope this new location won't cause a big price increase. Sandwhich is good, but sooo overpriced, right? Anyone else feel me on that? They could definitely be more generous with the sides.

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        1. re: Victus Populi

          No, I don't think Sandwhich is overpriced. I think we get what we pay for. McDonalds uses cheap factory farmed processed food "products" and is right down the street, soon to be literally next door.

          Sandwhich uses much better quality actual food, and that costs more. Local costs more. Humanely raised and slaughtered costs more. Pastured costs more (and tastes better, particularly chicken). Environmentally friendly costs more. Working in smaller quantities costs more. Paying workers better costs more.

          Also I'm surprised that you posted this criticism of Sandwhich while simultaneously rejoicing at the great Phoebe Lawless opening her new Scratch store. She definitely charges what the market will bear (worth it and yeah, expensive), to which she is entitled and more power to her. I see these two as comparable, so your comment was surprising.

            1. re: fussycouple

              Easy, easy, easy fussycouple! And, um, obvs I get and appreciate paying more for locally sourced food, hence my numerous posts supporting local businesses and food purveyors.

              I don't remember ever in my life endorsing McDonalds, but that's cool. You may have misunderstood my reference to the movie Superbad-that's what the Hawaiin ID joke in the McLovin post was about. (Please reference or for more info) .

              And this is the fun of message boards, right? We're allowed to share opinions--yay for America! Yay for the right to have an opinion! Don't be a hater.

              1. re: fussycouple

                While I don't disagree with you I sure do feel a lot more full and satisfied coming out of Neal's Deli than I do Sandwhich. After Sandwhich I feel like I may just need to go over to Mickey Ds.

                1. re: fussycouple

                  FWIW, a detail you leave off is paying the larcenous rents on Franklin Street costs more. Yes, Sandwhich uses lovely products. Personally, I think what they do with them is somewhat overrated, but I won't dispute your tastes. What I will say is that many of the people eating at McDonalds aren't there because they so much prefer it. It's that they can get out the door with some change from a ten dollar bill.* Anything that jacks the prices at Sandwhich higher should be a cause for concern because it further divides people into those who can afford to be fussy and those who can't.

                  *(In fairness, on the Sandwhich web site the menu does currently list a few options that will get you out the door for less than a sawbuck which is a good deal considering their ingredients.)

              2. On the sign in front of the new location, they mention they will be serving dinner. Anybody heard anything about extended hours?

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                1. re: ncpearl

                  That would be wonderful if they served dinner.

                  1. re: ncpearl

                    When they say they will be "serving" dinner, does that mean they will be open for dinner or that they will be having a different menu?

                    1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                      Perhaps they will follow Toast's model, offering the standard sandwich menu augmented by a couple of special entrees that change on a weekly basis.

                      1. re: bbqme

                        In another sense, I'm glad that something is being done with that Patio Loco space. It closed down just as I moved here and from what I understood was a fairly popular joint. Glad to hear about Vimala though we were suppose to go to her house at one point , she never returned our inquiry and so that never panned out. I hope her new venture goes well there, and if anyone has details about it, please share.

                        1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                          Send me an email and I'll forward her info to you. Just got an email today for her Wed. dinner. You should try it at least once. I tried it once and it was excellent food, but we're just too far away to make it a regular thing. Went back to Gourmet Kingdom, by the way. We loved the spicy wontons. (