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Feb 18, 2010 05:57 AM

Where to buy Goat Shanks in the downtown core?

I was thinking of making a goat tangine this weekend. Does anyone know where I can buy goat shanks in the d/t core?

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  1. I don't know that Kensington Market qualifies as 'downtown core', but you might try Sanagan's Meat Locker - they had goat when I was there a little while ago. Call ahead though.

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    1. re: dxs

      Thanks dsx.

      When you live in Burlington the d/t core takes up a HUGE swath. Since I can easily walk to Kensington market from the office I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

    2. The suggestion of Sanagan's is a good one, probably also one of the butchers at the St. Lawrence Market. But be prepared to pre-order them whomever you wind up dealing with, even places that regularly carry goat meat won't necessarily have shanks as a stock item as they usually get broken down into stew meat in the usual butchering.

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        Sanagan's didn't have goat but they directed me to Kensington Meats where there was plenty of goat on hand. I was advised by the butcher to buy legs and she trimmed them into large 'shank-like' cuts.

        We had the goat tagine last night and it was brilliant!

        Thanks for the advise - I doubt I would have thought to pop into Kensignton had you not mentioned it.

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          Toronto Chowhounds to the rescue again!! I love this board!!