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Feb 18, 2010 05:51 AM

BEST local eats for our first time in Seattle?

We're looking for the best local food around... one-of-a-kind restaurants with the most delicious food there is. Particularly, any great seafood recommendations would be appreciated, but we're open for anything!

All suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I just posed about this in another topic... You should look to The Corson Building for brunch, for an excellent and very local experience.

    1. I found Ray's through LocalEats. If it's your first trip to Seattle, you should really eat here. It's been around forever and is consistently great! The upstairs is more casual while the downstairs restaurant is more upscale with a constantly changing menu based on local seafood availability. Amazing!

      1. In no particular order:

        Seafood is easy in this town. You can go anywhere. If you want Oysters--try the Brooklyn or Elliotts. I personally think Ray's Boathouse is very consistent, and it is certainly a beautiful spot for visitors. Their seafood is well-sourced and their wine list extensive. They care.

        Pizza = Serious Pie. Very small. Put your name and cell # in, go to Lola and have a drink.

        Sunday Breakfast = Maximillien's in the Pike Market.

        Monday night dinner/happy hour = Art of the Table in Wallingford. If you want to talk 1 of a kind, this is it.

        Matt's in the Market (yes it is expensive. So what.)

        Panos Kleftikos for Greek (on Queen Anne).

        Le Gourmand for French (in Ballard). Their little bar (emphasis on little) next door will make you one beautiful drink, too.

        Boat Street Cafe which is neither on Boat Street, nor is it really a cafe. However misnamed, their food is tremendous.

        Restaurant Zoe (Belltown)

        Since you are interested in great seafood, a sushi restaurant should be included. Now that Saito's is closed, I would have to say Kisaku in Green Lake and Shiku in Ballard are excellent. One of a kind? Probably not. Excellent sushi just the same.

        And finally, no one of a kind list would be complete without...the Herbfarm. While not within the city limits, I think it could be classified as 'greater Seattle'. It is certainly one of a kind. I have not personally eaten there since Jerry Traunfeld left, but I am sure there are reviews (probably on this site) that could tell you how the new guy is doing.


        1. I second Maxmillien's for brunch (an off the menu brunch). I am not crazy about Ray's Boathouse for Chowhounds unless you are stuck in 1978. Matt's at the Market is not that expensive and should be a serious consideration; my first choice for visitors seeking great seafood would be the Szechuan Crab at Seven Stars Szechuan Restaurant. (In Seattle's International District.) Second would be Harvest Vine--a true Chowhound destination. Have a great visit and let us know what you enjoyed!