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Feb 18, 2010 05:39 AM

Dovetail-- recent reviews/experiences?

I'm looking to go for dinner here with my family. I had been very excited but am now hearing a lot of very very mixed reviews; from stiff service to unmemorable food to mediocre ambiance. Can anyone help me out with any honest recent rundowns?

... and the original plan was Vinegar Hill for dinner. Then we switched it to Dovetail, but now I'm wondering if we should do Vinegar Hill instead. Thoughts or further suggestions?

Not looking for anything SUPER fancy like EMP, La Bernadin, etc. One or two steps below that, good accessible food (not all adventurous eaters), but well seasoned and tasty. A good wine list and unpretentious is also key.


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  1. I really like Dovetail, and have not been to Vinegar Hill...I love the ambiance, service a bit formal but very capable and pleasant, and what I find interesting and creative food combinations. But if the group includes some unadventurous eaters, I'm not sure it's the right spot. They might find it too precious -- artfully arranged, small portions of unusual (but delicious) combinations. A little pretentious and not totally accessible food for all. BTW: a candidate for the world's best cornbread.

    1. We had been to Dovetail twice before, but not in the last year. We really liked it and thought it showed potential to be even better. We are just back from dinner there and were very disappointed. The efforts at imagination and creativity simply didn't work in any dish. The cornbread was great as always and we really liked the sommelière. One-third of the tables were empty which helped with the noise level.

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        This is so disappointing. Dovetail started out with a bang, and was going along pretty well until about a year ago. Last time we went the food was still good, and I would recommend it to a first-timer as they will not have tried any of the dishes before, but my problem is that the menu has not changed in the last year except for one dish and I've tried all of them. It almost seems as though Fraser has lost interest, yet they expanded the dining room. I am waiting to hear more and will not return until I see some new dishes. He used to make changes constantly. If this is a response to the recession, it is certainly not working as the prices are as high as ever.