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Feb 18, 2010 05:37 AM

Canadian Equivalent to Chuck

I would like to grind beef to make my own burgers (bought the Kitchen Aid grinder attachement a few years ago but have yet to use it). I have been able to determine that a combination of "chuck" and "sirloin" make the best ground beef. My dilemma is: what are these cuts called in Canada (Toronto) and where can I source them?


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  1. blade (top with less fat, bottom with more fat) or sometimes called shoulder

    1. Look for Blade steak or roasts. They are not widely available at the main chains but you will find them at places like Highland Farms. They also sell them at some No Frills. I have seen them at the store at Yonge and 16 in Richmond Hill.

      1. The Canadian words for chuck and sirloin are.... chuck and sirloin. Ask your local butcher for either, and if they don't know what you mean then you really need a new butcher.

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          Blade and shoulder are terms used more frequently than chuck in Ontario. The supermarkets use these terms exclusively.