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Feb 18, 2010 05:30 AM

Anybody been to Chifa?

I made a Saturday lunch reservation for Chifa. Has anybody been there? And does anybody know if the prix fixe lunch special is available?


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  1. people have posted a bunch bout chifa, although it would be on the 'old' board (Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia).
    i know nothing about luch but i'm sure you could google their website and menu.
    i ate there once (dinner). liked it, didn't love it. would definitely rank it below amada, tinto, distrito, the other garces restaurants i've been to.

    1. I went last week, during one of my snowy days of working at home. We did the prix fixe lunch and it was really good. Better than I remembered my dinner there being (shortly after they opened). We split the crab empanadas and the chicken wings for the first course, and I had the seafood chowder (chupe) and my husband had the pork belly bahn mi for the second. I thought the chowder was the stand out star, although everything was tasty. Each piece of seafood was cooked perfectly and the broth was really flavorful.

      One of my favs from the first trip was their pork belly buns, you might see if you can order those from the regular menu as a side if you're interested in trying more dishes. You can also just order things from the lunch menu ala carte. We thought that the two courses was more than enough for lunch, though.

      1. Meal Ticket just reported that they updated their menu, with some changes, including additional fillings besides pork belly for the buns. Looks good to me!

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          We went for lunch on Saturday the second week when they started doing it in the fall but there were no buns (and still arent any) on the menu at lunch on Saturday :( Everything was good, especially the skirt steak and the curry and it's 3 courses for $18. The ceviche was decent but not memorable and the hazelnut dessert was pretty good. All in all I'd prefer a meal at Amada any day though!

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            I prefer Chifa. But then matters of taste are not matters of dispute. Their version of Peking duck is amazing!

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              The online menu is showing 2 courses for lunch, which is what we got last week. Perhaps it's a change from the fall? Or you get dessert on the weekends?

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              Thank you for linking to my Meal Ticket post, Hungryin theBurbs.

              I ate there last night and thought the food was excellent overall. The mendai tiradito (butterfish ceviche), pork ramen bowl, kobe tartare, melon pickles and a special of smoked sirloin with fried ramen noodles were my favorites.

            3. I haven't been there for their lunch special, but I have for dinner and totally recommend the red curry del general and the chaufa rice is pretty good...

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                Yeah, love the red curry. I've only been once, during Restaurant Week, but enjoyed it quite a bit. The red curry and the pork belly buns were my favorites. I haven't been to Amada yet, but I liked Chifa better than Tinto as far as Garces' places go.

              2. The original comment has been removed