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Feb 18, 2010 04:36 AM

Frozen bananas question

I froze some ripe bananas last week to use for baking banana bread. Now that they have defrosted I noticed there is a lot of water (banana juice?). I am wondering if I should add this liquid to my batter or strain them? Duh? Is this normal to have so much water release?

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  1. I do not defrost them totally, keeping them mushy so that they are more like the consistency of unfrozen bananas. That has never failed me.

    1. Yup, totally normal. Freezing causes water to expand as it forms ice crystals, breaking cells walls in the process. When defrosted, the broken cells collapse and water leaks out, making the fruit mushy and leaving a puddle in your Ziploc. Add the liquid to your recipe along with the bananas. I've done it many times and the banana loaf has always turned out beautifully.

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        Thank you both. I figured so but sometimes feel the need to call on my fellow CH'ers to make sure I'm on the right track. Cheers.

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          Anyone care to share their Recipe?

          1. re: Rippin200

            I posted my favorite one in this thread and there are quite a few "favorites" in it:


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          And I do the opposite and strain the bananas :) I figure the banana pulp is just a little more banana-y that way! Good to know that both approaches work. I figure most recipes with mashed bananas are pretty forgiving anyway.

        3. I don't use the liquid. I don't strain but just take out the banana as I can.

          1. I've never frozen bananas. Do you leave them in the skin, or peel it off?

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              I peel mine and then freeze.

              I suppose you could go either way with the straining but as an update, my banana bread came out beautifully. I did not strain.

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                I leave the skin on. It's easier.

                1. re: chowser

                  Really. It seems that would be rather messy trying to get the banana out afterwards - no?

                  1. re: millygirl

                    No, microwave until defrosted and it slips right out.

              2. Good timing on this thread - a house guest likes smoothies in the blender and insists on frozen. Bananas are on sale now, and I've kept them on the counter. I'll try both methods - unpeeled and peeled in a plastic baggie in the freezer and see how they come out.

                I don't eat / make smoothies but I'll let you know.

                Isn't CH the best?

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                  It sure is!

                  You know I freeze bananas all the time for baking and love frozen fruit in my smoothies but somehow never connected the two. That is a great idea jerryme.
                  Let us know how you make out. Although just thinking here, the bananas I freeze are very ripe and mushy since I use for baking. I assume the bananas you'll use for making smoothies will be not as ripe and probably easier to peel once frozen and/or defrosted. But again, very curious. Please do write back.