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Feb 18, 2010 03:52 AM

Shabbat dinner on the east side of manhattan?

Are there any restaurants/shuls/chabad that serve friday night meals on the east side? Walkable from 65th and Madison? Thanks

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  1. wouldn't it be easier to find a Shomer Shabbos family on the east side to eat with on Friday nite?

    1. We were at Galil about six weeks ago, and they told us they had recently started serving prepaid Shabbos meals. They're at Lex between 84th and 85th, so a bit of a shlep from where you'll be, but doable. Call them and ask: (212) 439-9886

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        I can do that walk, the rest a little far for us old folks... This is a special birthday week end away, we are staying in the Affinia on 65th. Thought we would daven at Park East, but would love to go out to a restaurant for Friday night dinner... Sure do miss Park East Grill. It was expensive but a nice treat for prepaid shabbos meals.

      2. Also a walk, but I know the chabad of midtown at 42nd and fifth has shabbat meals.

        1. The West Side Jewish Center at 34th and 8th has friday night dinners. It would be a far walk, but doable.

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            This is true, but note that unlike the places listed above, WSJC isn't in the eruv.

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              Chabad of Midtown has great Friday night dinnes and lunches.....

              and they are very fairly priced....with a guaranteed meal 52 weeks a year

              thay are at 509 5th corner 42nd and the number is 212 972 0770

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