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Feb 18, 2010 03:46 AM

Mexico City: Rincon de Castilla; opinions wanted

We'll be staying in the area next weekend, and I wonder if any of you are familiar with this restaurant, Rincón de Castilla.
It's on Arcos de Belén at Luis Moya, Centro.

I've been looking over the web site, and despite its name, it appears to be a somewhat pricey Mexican steaks and seafood restaurant. Their specialty is cabrito. Any experienced opinions?

Although I'm greatly tempted by the thrill of "discovery", I've really been wanting to dine at Casino Español for sveral years.

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  1. I decided that it's not really the sort of place we're looking for.
    I booked at Casino Español for a week from Saturday.

    We might stop in at Rincon de Castllo for some apps and drinks. If so, I'll report back.