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Feb 17, 2010 09:33 PM

ICE CREAM MAKER that will scrape its sides

I have a cheapo Hamilton ice cream maker.

It does its job fine except that the paddle's diameter is about a half inch less than the container's diameter, so there's about a quarter inch space where the paddle never touches and the ice cream just freezes solid. I'm starting to think that the rest of the batch isn't freezing up as fast as its potential because of this quarter-inch cushion, and since faster freezing=smaller the crystal size=smoother ice cream, I may be ripping myself off of some creaminess that I can't seem to achieve.

Also the solid layer is just annoying because I have to chip it off forcefully if I don't want to wait for the entire canister to thaw before I refreeze it.

This is not a huge issue, and I can certainly live with it but does anyone have an ice cream maker that does not do this? what brand/model/size/price would you recommend?

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  1. Unfortunately I don't know that much about it, but I know that kitchenaid stand mixers can make ice cream, and I know they have an attachment that scoops around the outside. I'm not even sure if the two can be used at the same time.

    1. I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker and it does the same thing, but it only leaves a very little bit on the sides. Might be worth looking into.