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Feb 17, 2010 08:21 PM

Looking for a modest setting for the weekend.

After a long four years of research, classes and even a few papers with my name on them I've finally finished my undergraduate Biology degree.Columbia University has expressed some interest in me and would like me to meet with one of their researchers for a casual discussion over lunch in March. My undergraduate research program is paying for my hotel and transportation for three nights. With the lunch taking up half of one day I have two to explore New York on my own. I've visited New York dozens of times as a teenager to visit family, this is my first time going with no intention of visiting a dozen cousins in the Bronx.

My girlfriend and I are intending to find a Broadway show during our stay and a few places to eat along the way. A friend of mine, native to the area recommended I try small places to eat like a salt and battery in Greenwich Village. If anyone has any recommendations for lunch at similar places I'd welcome them. We also intend to find varying modest, romantic and non-pretentious places for dinner each night there. I've tried to look for places that fit that bill but it's hard for me to tell without actually having visited potential candidates for our dinner nights.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Perry Street, 176 Perry St., nr. West St. 212-352-1900 is a stylish restaurant w/ good food. Their prix fixe lunch of 3 courses for $26 is a great value. I'm not sure if it's offered on week-ends, so call first.

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      I've actually been there before. Pretty street is a great place I might give it a second go when I stop over this time. I had completely forgotten about it and fig and olive.

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        I'm thinking Public would be something that would interest you.

    2. Cafe Habana
      Both small non pretentious places...

      1. Perry Street is pretty fancy. I like Malatesta, cash only, Washington (?) and Christopher, near the river so nice for a walk afterward. There is that hummus place on Waverly that everyone raves about, between 11th and Perry.

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          I like Malatesta, too, but they don't have a weekday lunch service; only brunch on weekends.

        2. Perry street may be fancy but I did like the atmosphere. It wasn't too terrible like some of the higher upscale places. Right now Redhead, Malatesta and Public as mentioned are worth looking into. I especially like the Sunday Supper at public, although I don't know if my girlfriend would be comfortable with the randomized menu.

          Thanks for all the replies everyone the help is appreciated