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Feb 17, 2010 07:55 PM

southern connecticut and baked goods

I live in Westchester County New York and I am interested in taking a reletively short drive to Connecticut for some good cakes, doughnuts or cupcakes. Any thoughts friends?

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  1. For doughnuts, Coffee An' in Westport is a great stop. (I esp. like their chocolate doughnuts.)

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      Coffee An's chocolate doughnut is awesome and lethal.

      1. There's Cafe Versailles and the St Moritz, both on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich. Both are excellent but these are your European style pastries and cake places. They do not do cupcakes and doughnuts.

        1. If you go a little further up I95:

          Exit 11 - Good Food Store in Darien
          Exit 16 - In South Norwalk, SONO Bake Shop
          Exit 17 - Up route 7 into Norwalk, people like Michelle's Pies (She lost to Flay in a Throw Down)

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            If you venture as far as Old Saybrook you'll find two outstanding European - style bakeries:

            Dag mars Desserts (; and

            Vanderbrooke Bakers (