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Feb 17, 2010 07:36 PM


I love scallion pancakes from one of my favorite chinese restuarants in the city. I am looking for the same moist pancakes in Westchester County. Ive tried a few but they were dry and flavorless.Any thoughts?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We're big fans of scallion pancakes as well. So far, our favorites are at the Oriental Diner in Hawthorne on Saw Mill River Road. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, flavorful dough and filled with scallions. Yum!

      They must be ordered and eaten while at the restaurant, however. We tried delivery and they were soggy due to condensation during the drive.

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        I haven't been in awhile, but David Chen in Armonk had very good scallion pancakes.

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          thanks. i drive past there on my way to the movies. Any other great food there?

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            have you had any other delectable treats there

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              We actually like their food in general -- it's our go-to spot for a quick asian meal. They make a fantastic salt & pepper calamari and their shrimp with honey walnuts dish is dreamy... and their sushi rolls are surprisingly good. They offer a full Chinese menu, a full Japanese menu, with sushi bar, and even throw in some Thai dishes for specials on occasion. They vast diversity of the menus sometimes makes it hard to choose a dish! Reasonably priced, fast & friendly service (they cater to the movie crowds), good portions and very tasty. We haven't had a poor experience there...

          2. It's not in Westchester, but Tai Pan in Westport has very good ones.

            1. the chinese grocery on central ave in hartsdale (same plaza as california pizza kitchen) has prepared scallion pancakes that are very good (among other prepared foods).

              1. Kang Suh in Yonkers. Fantastic fantastic.

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                  Scallion pancake is Chinese. Kang Suh is Korean and serves pa jeon which is similar but not the same.