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Feb 17, 2010 07:00 PM

Family coming to town..

My parents and brother (16) are coming to visit. I'm looking for a reasonable priced restaurant ($15-20 a plate), and they aren't very adventurous. They like Italian, French, American, but no Indian, anything Asian, Himalayan, etc. Any suggestions??

Would also be open to ideas for activities!

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  1. I'm sure others will ask you what area of town you want to visit. That said, one possibility if the weather is decent is to take a stroll on the High Line. Before or after you can stop in at Co. Pizza. That would be a lovely afternoon for everyone!

    1. Fagiolini's in Murray Hill 39 and Lex has good Italian food and is reasonably priced.

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        I have to disagree with this rec. Aside from being in a pretty uninteresting part of town (around the corner from my office), I think this place has really horrible food. I have only been for lunch, but this place has officially ruled off of our list for possible work lunches (and believe me the offerings are already quite slim around here), because of the way overcooked pasta and horrible service that we have gotten there this year.

        1. re: prdct

          I agree - I ate at Fagiolini's and it is one of the worst Italian spots I've been to. Too many better options!

          Some thoughts I have are:
          The Smith
          Da Andrea
          Pastis or Schiller's
          Cookshop or Five Points (higher end of the prices, though)

          1. re: prdct

            We've never had a "bad" meal there and it has always been very reasonably priced. Around the corner on 38 St is Rossini's for upscale pricey Italian.
            I live in Murray Hill and have to agree Murray Hill is pretty boring. Then again, there are many great restaurants that I can walk to.

        2. not sure where you want to go, but here are a bunch:
          Il Vagabondo (italian with bocce court inside; which they may find charming)
          Spigolo (italian)
          l'express- busy, loud, frech bistro; great for people watching
          Paul and Jimmy's - Red sauce italian, warm, quiet..
          Brasserie 360 - French Bistro
          Petite Abeille - Belgian
          Marseille - French Bistro
          Flex Mussles (only if you love them)
          The redhead - cool LES joint. Great food and scene - known for their fried chicken, cocktails...every thing on the menu of fantastic actually...
          Motorino for great pizza.
          The Smith (regular american)

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          1. re: smokeandapancake

            Agree with you on L'Express; would also add:
            Malatesta Trattoria
            Rare Bar & Grill
            Katz's Deli
            Angelo's Pizza (among thousands of other great pizza spots in NYC)
            Price fixe brunch at L'Ecole
            Nolita House
            Corner Bistro