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Feb 17, 2010 06:40 PM

Any place for good conch fritters on LI?

I realize that the main ingredient is hardly local, but then again, not so many items we eat are. So, with that in mind, what's a good source for Bahamian-style conch fritters?

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  1. I have been all over NY state and have never seen conch fritters. In chinatown, I have seen conch dishes, but no fritters. The last time that I had one was in Mallory Square in Key West.


    1. Hurricane Grill in Port Jeff has them. Didn't try them - only had the wings.

      1. The only place I've actually seen them is in Southampton (Clamman) but I wonder if any Jamaican place might have them? Maybe not, because I know you have to use the fresh type that come in a bucket and they're not that easy to find. I know Pine Aire Fish and Deli does some things with conch...sorry not too helpful, I know.

        1. There's a clam bar on 25A just east of Smithtown and I think they have them on the menu. Never tried them but they do make good fried Calamari.