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Feb 17, 2010 06:23 PM

belgian waffles

hi all
i was wondering if anyone knew a place where i could get some fresh belgian waffles, im not talking the breakfast kind with tons of toppings, i want real waffles warm dusted with sugar preferably from a bakery
i had to give in to the dismal ones at metro to calm down my craving but it just wont go away

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  1. ha if you're referring to the ones in peel station, unfortunately those are the only ones i know off. besides that i've seen them in suite 88 chocolate shop on maisonneuve, but they were in a big glass jar and really didn't look appetizing at all.

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      If they're not made fresh there's really no point. I know the crepe stand at JTM makes them, but I find their crepes pretty unexceptional despite the upscale pricing so I've never been tempted to try the waffles. I did try their gaufre li├Ęgeoise and found it disappointing.

    2. haven't tried them yet, but a few months ago, the owner of Copette et Cie cheese shop told me that they make some every Sunday . His wife's family is from Belgium, and apparently they are pretty authentic.
      4560 Wellington, corner 2nd ave

      1. i've had a pretty decent one at a chocolate shop on st-denis (the name escapes me right now) but it's in a shop where the wall is all in white.. near rachel

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          Is that Suite 88 Chocolatier? Just a guess, I've never actually had waffles from there, just chocolate and gelato :)

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            Suite 88's waffles are good. I don't know how often they make them (I assume they're made in-house) but they are certainly worth trying.

        2. You can get gaufres li├Ęgeoises made with maple sugar at Espace Europea Boutique (33 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest). When I had it they made it to order. It was quite delicious, and the most authentic gaufre I've had in Montreal. And don't forget to pick up a maple marshmallow while you're there. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.