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Feb 17, 2010 06:04 PM

Bachelor Party Dinner Near Fort Myers - Need Help

Eight of us flying in from California, Boston, NY for a long weekend. Would really appreciate any recommendations for places to go anywhere near Fort Myers Beach Area for a blowout dinner on a Saturday night in March.

Sanibel, Cape Coral, downtown Fort Myers... where would you go if you prioritized the following in order:
1. (Well) above average food. Seafood, Steak, Italian probably the best three options. Maybe Sushi. Hoping to avoid pub/fried food.
2. Atmosphere - I've been to a few places with great food in strip malls in the Fort Myers area (Cibo, Sasses). If there is a place like this with a good bar attached or nearby, that could be a big benefit.
3. Location - don't care where it is as long as we don't have to drive an hour (hoping to avoid having to drive to Naples... is there something that fits the bill in N. Naples?)

In NYC/Boston/SF, I think the clear winner would be an old school steakhouse or some sort of cool new place. In SW FL...? Any ideas welcome. I've read the board talking about if anything good is in Fort Myers... nothing jumped out as right for this dinner. Am I missing anything?


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  1. group is in our late 20s/early 30s, which i should have mentioned.

    no ideas, huh?

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    1. re: ronoc

      Cru would be a good choice. Very cool bar scene and good food. Not cheap though.

      Another idea would be the Bayfront Bistro out on Fort Myers Beach. Nice venue, good bar, good food.

      Lots and lots of bars in the River District downtown (Fort Myers) and there is a great Italian place, Vino del Notte. There is a very cool roof top bar at the attached hotel Indigo and the is H2 that is a sophisticated bar scene and many others to choose from.

      I've ragged on Cru in the past here on Chowhound but it is much improved and seems to be coming back in a good way.

    2. i think the best bet for you guys is Chops --the one in Bonita near coconut pt mall. it has a nice long bar, huge copper ceiling and very good steaks and a bunch of "wild and crazy" guys will not seem too loud there. afterwards you can go to either some of the bar/rest at Coconut pt or Gulf Coast Mall in Estero where there is a heavy student contingent from nearby FGCU going to the cigar bar, or blue sushi or whatever else has opened.

      go Havlicek...

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      1. re: Zeits

        I think Zeits ideas are better for you guys but if you get a driver for the night, I'd still keep the River District on your list.

      2. Thanks everyone! Going to go Chops / bars in Bonita or Vino del Notte + rooftop + cigars in Fort Myers. Unless we spontaneously start yelling "Spring Break!" and head over to FMB.