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I love Greek food and live in Providence. I've yet to have a good experience with Greek food and am willing to travel! Any suggestions?

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  1. I've heard good things about the Greek Corner in North Cambridge but I haven't eaten there myself and I don't know if it's worth a drive from Providence.

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      Much as I love Greek Corner (simple, unassuming classics like gyro, lamb shanks, moussaka) I don't think it's worth driving from PRO. If you are in the area, it's the best we've got, but not worth a special trip.

    2. I'd also add Farm Grill in Newton - really good "real meat" gyros, and a large selection of cold items such as hummus, baba ganouj, octopus, beans, etc. I've also heard good things about Kouzina, also in Newton. Zo in Boston is good for pork and chicken gyros, and I like their spanakopita quite a bit.

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        Second vote for Farm Grill, the chicken gyros platters and sandwiches are both very tasty and reasonably priced.

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          Third for Farm Grill. Their Lamb Gyros with lots of crispy bits are phenominal.

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            The Farm Grill is great. Just want the op to know that it's cafeteria style, so not a sit-down evening out.

      2. I wouldn't bother coming to Boston for Greek food. The best "home style" is Esperia in Brighton Center, followed by Greek Corner or Kouzina Estiatorio in Dedham. Esperia and Kouzina Estiatorio are wholly family run with the food cooked by the mom. Farm Grill is similar quality for most items. None of these are table cloth restaurants. Farm Grill and Esperia are this kind of upscale counter service that has become popular in Greek restaurants, while Greek Corner is more a simple, older restaurant and Estiatorio is mostly a storefront.

        Kouzina in Waban, Newton is more upscale, less purely Greek. They have a website and you can check out the menu there. Most people would direct you up to Ipswich for better Greek food but that's a ridiculous hike for you (and me).

        1. I recommend the Aegean in either Framingham or Watertown. They both excellent. The Framingham location is larger with a beautiful interior/exterior design that makes you feel like you are in Greece. Greek Corner is good but it's a bit run down. It's more of a local favorite for cheap eats. Esperia is similar.


          1. I think you need to go a little further north to Ithaki in Ipswich if you want higher end Greek cuisine: http://ithakicuisine.com/

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                I agree. Ithaki is fantastic. Their gyro is outstanding. A full review is on our blog.


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                  We stopped by Ithaki for lunch yesterday, and found they were closed for renovations. The sign on the door did not mention a reopening date.

                2. Tasos is at the Norwood airport. I haven't been.

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                    For unclear reasons, Tasos in Norwood is surprisingly good. For a ridiculous amount of food, get the EuroPlatter, which has lamb chops, pork chops, gyro meat and a lot of fried things (perhaps too many). Only downside is their inflexibility - we don't eat pork and they refused to substitute even rice pilaf for the chops we were going to leave behind.

                    Skara Grill, which I personally actually like got a pretty good review recently:

                    Greek Corner is still my go-to joint for the best gyro sandwich and baked lamb around.

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                      Skara Grill's food was bland and not particularly authentic in taste. Nice enough place to eat at.

                      I sincerely hope that when the OP said Greek he or she didn't mean just gyros.

                  2. Another vote for esperia. They have the most amazing pork gyros.

                    Also you can try Skara grill in West Roxbury. I only went once and it was just ok. It is a sit down place though and not a walk up to the counter type place.

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                      I also enjoyed Esperia's pork gyros and their pastitsio is good too.

                    2. We love Desfina in East Cambridge, not far from the Museum of Science. It's filled with Greek speaking people all weekend and a bit quieter during the week and at lunch. Family owned, with great service and a casual, warm atmosphere. My son in law's parents are Greek and it's the only place they go when they are in Boston.

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                        What is curious about Greek food in Boston as opposed to Montreal and NY is that there are no Greek fish restaurants here. Considering the overall high quality of fish in Boston (certainly better than Montreal) it is surprising that no Greek restauranteur has tried to open something comparable to Milos or the more modest grilled fish tavernas that are so common up north.

                        To be sure the Greek community in Boston may be smaller, but the comparison is striking.

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                          Agree 100%

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                            Milos and Delmos seem to concentrate on whole fish and that just dosen't fly here in New England.

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                              It does in plenty of authentic Chinese, Thai, and other Asian restaurants. Maybe not with your average P.F. Chang habitué but certainly among us Hounds!

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                              I was talking about this with a guy who has a Greek restaurant in Florida. (He's actually Albanian, but I gather a number of "Greek" restaurateurs are.) He said the difference - remember, his opinion - is that places like Boston have home cooking restaurants where the food is what the mother or grandmother makes.

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                                I had a nice grilled fish at desfina's...

                            3. It's interesting - back in the '70s there were quite a few excellent Greek restaurants in Boston & Cambridge, it was really the first "breakthough" ethnic cuisine around here after the ever-popular (and back then, mostly highly Americanized) Italian and Chinese.

                              But by the late '70s and early '80s, Indian restaurants started opening, then Thai, then the whole international smorgasbord we have today, and Greek lost out. I guess it was perceived as too stodgy, too old-fashioned, not adventurous enough.

                              But when well done it has so much to offer. I think (I hope!) it's due for a comeback!

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                                Evidenced by the age of the patrons at the Aegean. Not vthe best by any means but order properly and it fills a void.

                              2. I am Greek and grew up in Providence. You'll do fine at Andreas' on Thayer Street. Many things are very authentic and just as good as Greek Corner or Farm Grill up in the Boston area. Stick to simple foods and you'll do great. Their meze platter is plenty authentic, as are their souvlaki sandwiches.

                                As for Greek fish, the Bronzini dish that they serve at Kouzina is very authentic even if other of their dishes are sort of gussied up Greek (though very good). It's the first and only time I had some fish dish at a Greek restaurant in this country that took me back "home".

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                                  Thanks very much! I've been to Andreas and really did enjoy myself. I lived in Miami Beach for a bit and they had a couple fun spots for Greek & fell for the cuisine! I plan to go there someday to experience the real deal!!!!

                                  THANKS TO ALL FOR THE REPLIES!! GUESS I'M HEADING NORTH!