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Feb 17, 2010 04:14 PM

Three Dog's Diner Lawrence, MA ? (old Sam's Steak-Out)

Has anyone tried this place yet?

Driving by I noticed a sign that they just opened this week. If anone tries this place or knows what the menu is like please post. I'll try to give it a shot next week.

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  1. It's been under renovation for some time, they better be good at 'something' or they won't survive. I'll have to give them a try.

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      1. Interesting. What technique/equipment are you using to smoke your meats? Decent BBQ would be a welcome addition to the scene.

        1. re: mjg0725

          Thanks for the inquiry, we use a Southern Pride Smoker.
          Three Dogz

          1. re: threedogz

            Hi threedogz. Sounds like it is worth a minor road trip up 28 from Stoneham.
            What are your hours?

            1. re: powerfulpierre

              Our hours are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6:30 am-3:00pm
              Friday, Saturday 6:30am - 8:00pm
              Sunday 7:30-2-00pm-Breakfast until 2
              Closed Monday
              Friday evening -Seafood dishes and Prime Rib(Smoked)
              Saturday evening-BarBQueand Smoked Prime Rib
              Buttermilk Pecan Pie everyday.
              Three Dogz

              1. re: threedogz

                With your great name, your restaurant can only be a success. ;-) I DEFINITELY need to make the trip up to Lawrence to give this a try.

                Want to share the reason for the [great, brilliant even...] name you chose for your diner (wondering if it is as simple as mine...)?

                1. re: threedogs

                  Hi threedogs,Just like you have already guessed it's named after our Three Dogs--- Holly, Max and Casper. The artwork here at the restraunt is photos of old Lawrence with our dogz Photoshopped into them. Most people get a kick out of it

                  1. re: threedogz

                    Oh, that's a riot! Love it!!

                    Looks like dog-heaven... at least my dogs would think it was. As it is, they think all trucks bear doggie biscuits - our UPS driver tosses Milk Bones to them. :)

                    Well, as soon as I can get my car fixed so it can make it to Lawrence, I'm heading your way. Good luck with your success!

              2. re: powerfulpierre

                Well, we made the road trip Sunday for breakfast. First, the place is spotless and being right on the river there were some pleasant views. Mrs had their homemade sweet potato hash with a poached egg and gave it rave reviews. I had sausage gravy over homemade biscuits with eggs o-e. I don't have much to compare it to, since I have only had it a couple of times before, but I polished the plate! Both egg types were cooked just right which is a plus for me. Service was prompt and very pleasant and the bill was less than $11. See you next weekend!

                1. re: powerfulpierre

                  Sounds good. Curious, is it a real diner (i.e. diner car)?

                  1. re: Joanie

                    It's not a real diner (i.e. diner car) but small diner type feel. The place is spotless compared to the old Sam's Steak-out that was there before. Stopped by this weekend for dinner and had the Brisket which was excellent and GF had the Turkey dinner which was very good also. Everything here looks homemade and delicious.
                    I can't wait to go for breakfast to try the sausage gravy over homemade biscuits that pierre mentioned.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      Sounds like this may be a good addition for Lawrence, I'll have to get there next week. Do they take credit cards?

                      1. re: treb

                        I'm not sure as I payed cash. Way better than Cedar Crest ever was.

                        Question to threedogz:
                        The food was really home cooking. Have you cooked professionally somewhere in the past or is this your first venture in the food business. If you came from another restaurant, where from?
                        It tasted like a lot of pride went into the food that was served.

        2. I had an excellent smoked pork sandwich last week. They showed the smoked meat to me before I ordered it. It was a pork butt that had a lot of smoke flavor and a great tasting rub on the outside. They do not pull it, they slice it thinly to order. The slices were "melt in your mouth" tender and very flavorful. They give you a huge pile (1/2lb) of it on top of your choice of grilled roll for only $4.95! They serve a serviceable thick hickory flavored BBQ sauce on the side (kc masterpiece?), and I am pretty sure it was not homemade.

          While I was waiting they served me a slice of their smoked turkey and a sample of their cranberry horseradish sauce they serve with it. The turkey breast was nice and moist and it paired very well with the sauce. It was not as smoked as the pork was and I like a lot of smoke flavor, however it was still outstanding.

          Hope this place does well. So far, it seems like a great addition to the food scene here in Lawrence.

          1. went today and thought it was OK.

            even though this place has the feel of a diner it lacks the expansive breakfast menu i usually associate with diners.

            i wanted to get the biscuits and sausage gravy but they were sold out. settled on the sweet potato corned beef hash, home fries, toast, eggs over easy and bacon with a large OJ.

            the eggs were cooked as ordered but the corned beef hash was so sweet it tatsed more like candy than breakfast food. i'm not saying it was bad but after a while the sweetness lost its novelty. the home fries were good but could of used a bit more crisping on the griddle. the OJ was decent but at $3.29 for a large (12oz?) glass i felt that a bit much.

            the place is very clean and cheery and has a view of the canal where i saw a lot of carp swimming around and some woodchucks playing on the banks.

            i will most likely be back to try the biscuits and gravy or for something out of the smoker as i got a pretty good whiff on my way out the door and it smelled pretty good.

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            1. re: ScubaSteve

              Was up in the Merrimack Valley for gelato as usual, and stopped here Saturday for a real lunch first. Had the smoked pork sandwich and my sister had the hot dog special. Both good and a wicked good bargain!

              Talked to one of the owners at length and really hope they succeed. They have put a lot into fixing up the place and it shows. We sat at a booth overlooking the side canal and the waterfalls. The goose couple that live on the little island in the canal have been guarding their nest holding 5 eggs; they may have hatched by now. The owner said they come to the diner's back door and beg for biscuits and quiche if they get bored with the bread the locals throw down to them. There are many big carp in the water to get mesmerized by as they patrol the shallows. A woodchuck even scampered by on the opposite bank. It was a whole little wildlife drama in the heart of urban Lawrence.

            2. Finally made it by for breakfast, what a great place. The menu is small but, has some nice selecions of eggs, french toast, waffles, breakfast sammies and quiches. We tried an omelette and the quiche. The quiche was house made, including the crust, filled with a few cheeses and ham. The piece was small and came with some fruit but, at just over $2 bucks a deal. The omelette came with three choices for which I choose sausage swiss and mushies, it also came with toast and homefries, again a pretty good value. My preference would have been to have the homefries a little more crisp but, they were very flavorful. Coffee was good and service, the owners wife, was very pleasant and the place is very clean. Worth the drive and am eager to try their Q next time around. A real nice add for Lawrence.