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Feb 17, 2010 04:03 PM

Spice Market Tasting Menu Last night

Last night my Wife and I went to The Spice Market and was very impressed with the tasting menu for $48 a person. The flavors were bold and wild, just what we wanted. We had first course Shaved tuna ceviche with coconut milk, it was amazing! We also had char grilled beef lollipops with fresh squeezed lime and mint dip. We had meat samosas's and they were wonderfull followed by shrimp cakes which were also great. Than we had steamed snapper over mushrooms and delicious ginger fried rice. Than we had charred chicken with fresh fruit. Overall this was an amazing value and would recomend it to anyone... For a tasting menu with this many foods, spices and flavors I give this two thumbs up!!!


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