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The White Apron Catering - Dover, NH - any feedback?

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I have a friend who is not from the area and is considering having The White Apron cater their wedding. I don't see a lot online and I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback or reviews on this company. Apparently they've been around for quite some time but they have only a home page on their website which leads me to believe they are just getting that up and running now.

But my friend wants to know how is their food? Pricing? Service? She is very particular and meticulous and I want to make sure for her that they are at the level she is expecting.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

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  1. The owner used to be a chef/instructor at the now defunct Atlantic Culinary Institute. He's based in the original location of the Friendly Toast, last location was Poppy's Gourmet Outfitters before becoming the base of White Apron. They have been around for a year or so, but I haven't heard a thing positive or negative about them. Given the unprofessional website, I would be slightly hesitant.

    1. I am another local caterer, and I've heard nothing but good things about White Apron.

      1. Maybe a little late, but they are great. They did my 50th birthday party, a wedding and many dinners and office parties. They are very easy to work with, reasonable, and the food and presentations excellent. They are also tremendously creative, and the chef loves meals that are not the typical wedding fare. Cannot go wrong with them,

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          This is excellent to hear and their website has improved greatly since the first post.

          I have to be honest that the social media aspect of new businesses is a real sticking point with me. Not so much for older, more established places that can get by on reputation and word-of-mouth. People that have shoddy websites or don't keep them up-to-date often lack attention to detail (similar to walking into a restaurant's restroom and finding the trash can overflowing).

          Since my last post I have spoken with people who have worked directly with White Apron that have vouched for their quality and professionalism. I've been told they are going to be relocating the shop to one of the mills downtown which will give them some space to grow and flourish.

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            The White Apron catered my fiancé and my engagement party over Fourth of July weekend and were absolutely incredible. The food and drinks were beautifully presented and delicious. I am a vegetarian and was blown away by the freshly-made lemonade with blueberries and mint, the phyllo flowers with brie, pear and almonds, the twice baked potatoes, and the flatbread pizza with roasted seasonal vegetables and fresh mozzarella. My fiancé particularly loved the almond crusted chicken with roasted poblano chili sauce. The service was phenomenal--friendly, professional and 100% on the ball. The White Apron was a big part of the event's success. They are the best and I cannot recommend them highly enough!