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Feb 17, 2010 02:50 PM

Chinese in Columbia, SC

We love Sun Ming (in Irmo), and the Miyo's group of restaurants is okay, but we'd like to see what else is out there that's reasonably authentic and good. Any suggestions?

(An Tai in Lexington is horrible. Stay away if you care anything about Chinese cuisine.)

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  1. I doubt you are going to find something better than the traditional part of the menu at Sun Ming. I like Sun Ming a lot (see and while I haven't been to many other Chinese restaurants in the area, I have trouble imaging that there is something better. I'd love to hear if there is! One place you might consider trying out is Egg Roll Chen, near the intersection of Rosewood and Devine. It is kind of a fast food type place, but with a couple of authentic dishes. I do like their Tiawanese Yen Su Jee (fried chicken).

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      I have the good fortune to be friends with a chinese couple who frequent Sun Ming. They order off the menu during a chinese discourse with the waitress (while I sit there smiling). One thing we always get is a whole steamed fish in a delightful light sauce with some shredded vegetables. If you know what you want, maybe you could try ordering apart from the menu on your own. I got a book (haven't used) from Amazon to do that. "Eating in Chinese" or something like that?