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Feb 17, 2010 02:44 PM

Private room for cocktail party for 60 -- not too expensive

I'm looking for a restaurant that has a private room that will hold about 60 people for a cocktail party -- casual -- not too expensive -- prefer downtown if possible.

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  1. Park - Winer (or whatever season it happens to be). It has a separate townhouse for private parties... though it's more north than you may be looking for.

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      Park Avenue Winter is on the UES and, although I haven't been, appears quite pricey and definitely not "casual." Some recs for downtown are:
      5 Ninth
      *Jo's (this would be my choice)
      Indochine (may not be casual enough)
      Fig & Olive (Meatpacking)

    2. Phoebes, on the Bowery
      Village Pourhouse, 3rd Ave around 11th St