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Feb 17, 2010 02:36 PM

Corson Building exceeds expectations...

I just wanted to share with y'all the incredible experience I had at the Corson Building last Friday night. I went as part of a group of 11 for a special birthday dinner. We arrived a bit early and (just as promised) the doors remained locked until exactly 6:30. Once inside, the staff took our coats and presented each of us with a gorgeous brandy/wine concoction. We wandered and chatted until the rest of the night's patrons arrived and we all sat at our respective tables.

The chef and the sommelier chatted with all of us about what to expect for the night's dinner. They were both friendly with easy smiles that made all of us feel that we had crashed the coolest dinner party. There was no printed menu, just a casual chat about what was to come. The meal started with oysters (as all meals should) and then continued with fluke served raw with ever-so-delicately sliced radishes, roasted sardines with a home-made yogurt, pork rillette with pickled peppers, mussels with celery and a pancetta-style cured pork, striped sea bass abed creamed nettles with crispy artichoke, duck legs with beets, lamb with radiccio and oranges, and then local cheese with warmed figs and hazelnut cookies. All food was paired with exceptional, albeit unique, wine pairings.

The dinner lasted around 4 hours. The food was all served family style with the exception of the striped sea bass. No one went hungry...there was plenty for all of us to try generous portions of each dish. Although pricey, $160 per person including tax and a 20% gratuity, I thought the meal was well worth it.

The atmosphere at the Corson Building is such a lovely juxtaposition of the bucolic feel of the 1910 stone masonry home and grounds and the industrial feel of Georgetown. I left feeling that I had found a real Seattle gem.

I will be back! Consider the Corson Building for your next special occasion.

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  1. I believe the chef just got nominated for a James Beard award too!

    1. I've been there for brunch a couple of times recently, and have been very, very impressed. The food is creative, and delicious, and the atmosphere has made me want to return on both trips. I'm sure I'll be back there again soon!

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          Well, first, they're very good! In format, you get a small menu for your main dish, which seems to always vary, but has been great each time I've been. Then they have a small buffet with fresh made salads, yogurt, usually a grain of some sort (hot or cold cereal, etc), some terrific bread and wonderful things to spread on it. The buffet fills a 6-top table (if I recall) with about 6 or 8 dishes, which are ALL worth your time to sample.

        2. re: Booklegger451

          We have a small child and would like to try Corson. Do you think a brunch would be do-able with a kid? He's well behaved, but still an under-two year old. Or should we just get a babysitter for an evening for my husband and I to celebrate solo?

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            I'm a horrible judge of such things. The youngest child I saw there was about 8, but they seemed to be having a great time. I'd give them a call.

            1. re: blue2000

              Strongly recommend a babysitter. A well-behaved older child would be OK but 2-year-olds are not renowned for their patience.

              1. re: terrier

                What?! Are you implying that MY toddler can't sit through a multicourse fancy meal?! I'm offended -- just didn't know how casual or lengthy brunch is -- we're definitely planning a special evening there sans child, just wondering if brunch was a remote possibility. I guess we'll be waiting for a few (many) years.

                1. re: blue2000

                  I have a 13 month old. I wouldn't bring her there. YMMV.