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Feb 17, 2010 02:35 PM

Recent transplant to Atlanta needing tips in a few areas

I just moved to Atlanta a couple days ago and was hoping to get some suggestions for the following cuisines (these are not well covered on this board). I'm living in Roswell but will pretty much travel anywhere. Also, price is not a consideration but for most of these cuisines my general assumption would be that cheaper is better. Here are the types of cuisine I'm looking for:

Caribbean--Specifically Jamaican or Trinidadian. For Jamaican I'm looking for some good curry goat, stew chicken, jerk chicken, pea stew, rice and peas, calaloo etc... For Trinidadian I'd like some doubles, rotis, shark and bake, fry bakes, and a juice bar.

Indo-Chinese food.

Pakistani food. I went to Luqsa (I think that's the name) today and it was good but wouldn't mind knowing a few other options.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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  1. I see from another post that you have discovered Tassa Roti - which I tried for the first time on Sunday. It was great! Have you yet been to Golden Krust Bakery. They have several locations around the city. I have only been to the Kennesaw site. Their Jamaican/aribbean dishes have been quite good. A block north of Golden Krust - on Busbee Parkway - is Penang (they also have a place on Buford Hwy.), which is excellent Malaysian fare.

    In Roswell, I would suggest you try the food at Carniceria San Miguel. It is a grocery on Holcomb Bridge one block west of GA 400. Their tortas are very good.

    Have you become acquainted with It might also be of help in your quest for local food.

    I would second the recommendations for Doceur de France, Greenwood's on Green Street, and Swallow at the Hollow (I would recommend the ribs). BBQ brisket is best at Dave Poe's (formerly Sam & Dave's BBQ 2) west of the Marietta Square, Sam Huff's Lost Mountain BBQ (formerly Sam & Dave's BBQ 1) near Parkaire Mall on Lower Roswell Road - while pork is done well at several places around the area.

    So Kong Dong, on Buford Hwy. is an excellent stop for Korean. Mi Pilon on Buford Hwy. about a half mile north of Jimmy Carter Blvd. is a source for excellent Dominican cuisine. They are open 11-11 seven days per week. Tasty China, on Franklin Road in Marietta, has some of the best Szechuan in the country. Frank Ma's South in Dekalb County is a wonderful source of less spicy Chinese.

    I head an International Dining group at my Sandy Springs church. We eat at various restaurants eleven times per year. If you would like to join us, contact me at: to learn where we are eating each month.

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      Frank Ma's South has had no Frank Ma association for over a year now.

    2. Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe on Roswell Road about 1 mile North of 285 is pretty good food. We went a couple times and I really enjoyed it, but my husband is weird about bones in his food (wants everything boneless/skinless), which really doesn't work for Caribbean, so we haven't been back in a while. It's in a fairly desolate strip mall but I am pretty sure it's still in business. Welcome to Atlanta!

      Chef Rob's Caribbean Cafe
      5920 Roswell Rd NE Ste A117, Atlanta, GA 30328

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      1. re: jboeke

        I agree. Chef Rob's is excellent.

      2. I'm a fairly new transplant as well and I lived in the West Indian neighborhood in NY for awhile. I wouldn't recommend Chef Rob's at all. Maybe I didn't order the right things though and need to go again. I'm still looking for really good West Indian food so if anyone has any more suggestions besides Chef Rob's please let me know too.
        I don't know about Pakistani but there is a great Bangladeshi restaurant on Buford Hwy called Panahar. The food is some of the best Indian/Bangladeshi food I've ever had.
        As for Indo-Chinese, Penang seems like one of the only places although there is an Indonesian restaurant on Shallowford Road off of Buford Hwy that I haven't tried. If you try it I would love to know what you think. Penang is ok but if you really know your Malaysian food you might not like it. The roti is ok there but I haven't really had anything that I was really impressed with.
        I know there must be some great restaurants in all of those categories though because I have to say Atlanta has some of the best ethnic food I've ever had. I just haven't found any good West Indian restaurants yet...

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          I've heard about (from a friend-of-a-friend who's Jamaican/British) that there are some places on the east side of Decatur near 285 that are good. I think along Memorial but I forget exactly. I may see him again this weekend so I'll have to ask again.

        2. A couple indo chinese places:
          Chinese Rasoi - there is a spot in global mall on jimmy carter as well as a stand alone restaurant in Roswell I believe, but was unable to find an address for that one, I have only been to the global mall location.
          Hot Wok - Peachtree Industrial Road
          Bamboo Garden - probably the nicest of the three, apparantly it is a small chain

          Hot Wok seems to be the most popular, but I have had pretty good experiences with all 3
          Some Indian restaurants also will often have some indochinese dishes

          I don't know of any Pakistani Restaurants, I think Zyka may be Pakistani owned, it is more like Indian Fast Food, and is pretty popular with most people

          I remember a few solid Jamaican Restaurants in the Lawrenceville, but cannot remember any of the names

          1. There were a couple of Pakistani places along Indian Trail - Lilburn Road, namely Aalijah and Al Hamrah. There is another one or two in the newer shopping plaza next to one of the I-85 overpasses farther north, don't remember if it was off Old Norcross or Duluth Hwy. Lajawaab on Peachtree Industrial is reportedly Indo-Chinese. I'm yet to check out any of these.

            Some of the Jamaican places in Lawrenceville are Jay's Caribbean Cuisine, Jerk Shack and Jamaican Breeze. As my wife put it, the food is better than in Jamaica proper. There's another one or two along Scenic Hwy, as well as a place called Caribbean Flavors which serves USVI cuisine and is quite good.