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Feb 17, 2010 02:19 PM

Genghis Khan in Smithtown; any CHers been?

I drove by this place today and noticed that it said it had Korean bbq, which we would love to find on LI instead of having to go into Korea town/NYC. From the few reviews online, it sounds like it's basically a takeout storefront and no tabletop bbq at all.

Any recent visits or experiences to report from CHers?

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  1. I've been a few times - i like it. An older couple run it and are very nice. It has about 20 seats, and has always been over 1/2 full when I have gone. It gets some Korean students from Stony Brook. I've only ordered seafood pancake, bimbimbap, a tofu/seafood soup and a shrimp stir fry. I've never gotten BBQ, and yes - there is no tabletop BBQ - I usually drive into Bayside for that.

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      koreana in plainview now does tabletop bbq for dinner now i think

      1. re: jmax

        Our family goes there once a week. It is my daughters favorite restaurant. We are not Korean. The Galbi is amazing.

        1. re: blitzjb

          I had the Galbi a couple months ago and thought it was good. However, I was a bit surpirsed how it was served - on a sizzle plate with onions and a bowl of rice. I guess I was expecting a few BBQ accompmanients - lettuce, chili paste, sprouts, dipping sauce, etc...

      2. Ate here again last night. We were the only ones there til around 7 - when two other couples came in and someone got take out. This is the type of place that needs support - mom and pop store that serves an under represented cuisine on LI. I really enjoyed my spicy pork stir fry.