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Feb 17, 2010 01:44 PM

Client dinner not far from Loop

Looking for a good place to dine with a client Thursday night, preferably not too far from Union Station. Proposed Grocery Bistro, but I think that might be too "foodie" for them. Looking for something with a simpler menu, not too expensive, but in the moderate price range (Grocery Bistro had the benefit of being BYOB). Marche is an option, but I am looking for something newer that I haven't tried yet.

Thanks for any suggeestions.

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  1. Prairie Fire, from the folks who run Prairie Grass Cafe in Northbrook. They just opened, so their website at isn't complete yet, but you can see their listing on Metromix at

    In the same vein as Marche, if you haven't been to La Sardine, it's very good as well.

    From Union Station, if you walk east into the Loop, rather than north towards the Randolph St Corridor, there's Vivere, for excellent Italian. You can also walk west, to Greek Town, for you-know-what.