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Feb 17, 2010 01:28 PM

Romantic Dinner....

O.K........coming back to Manhatten late in March. Wife and I are celebrating 1 year anniversary....we are big, big foodies. We eat just about anything. I am looking for a dive....a dark, romantic restaurant with a good wine list and excellent food and ambience. This doesn't have to be a Boulud or Ripert place.....we've been there and they were fantastic, But I guess I am looking for that great place....that's off the beaten path.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. A dive is usually somewhere grubby and cheap - I don't think you really mean that. Somewhere rather romantic and a bit rustic would be Il Buco

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      I would recommend Eleven Madison Park or DB Bistro Moderne to anyone who is serious about getting a fantastic meal. I couldn't fault either of them, and the wife will adore them as mine did.

      1. re: russbeer

        Neither suit the OP's request for an off the beaten track, dark spot. Suggestions: apizz; Wallse is good idea; maybe even Little Owl?

        1. re: chow_gal

          I love Wallse, but it's not dark and romantic. I think Il Buco is a great idea. Sit downstairs.

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            Chow_gal hit it right on the nose. Apizz is definitely the spot JDBull is looking for. Well done. It's off the beaten path for sure - almost one of those "no-sign" places. When you get inside, the decor/atmosphere is amazing but the wood-burning oven that is the centerpiece of the room, takes the cake. The owner, the staff, everybody makes the place the perfect spot for an anniversary. The food and wine obviously speak for themselves coming from the owner of Peasant and The Orchard. Happy anniversary.


          2. re: russbeer

            EMP is anything but dark and romantic, it's big, it's loud, it's bright, good food or not it's the sort of place I'd go to empress the girlfriend's parents, not to be close and intimate.

        2. Not sure if you're up to a wine bar/small plates sort of thing, but the Monday Room is a small portion of Public that serves dishes from Public-some Australian influence, fresh ingredients, fantastic.

          1. I think I know what you mean- somewhere small, dark and with excellent food not everyone knows about- I would suggest Deguatation. It's in the East Village, only has about 20 seats maybe and is wonderful! Great tasting menu and you sit at a bar around the open kitchen. Perfect for your request.


            1. I think something along the lines of Allen & Delancey is what you're looking for, though I didn't think the food was THAT fabulous. On that note, you may want to check out:


              1. how about uva on UES? think 77th and 3rd. great wine list and ok italian food. great place for a date but gets noisy.