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Feb 17, 2010 01:01 PM

Has anyone tried TribeCafe yet?

I've liked Greenwich GrillI and I see that the owners have just opened a new restaurant, TribeCafe. I was thinking of trying it when I'm in the city in a couple of weeks, but I was wondering what others thought of it. Their website describes it as "Tokyo Casual". Thanks.

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  1. My SO and I finally dropped by TribeCafe for dinner last night, and we really enjoyed it! The ambiance is completely different from the restaurant that used to be in this spot (Tokyo Bar), and the change was positive: it's now a lot more intimate and cozy, kind of like a wine bar without the atttude. Not at all what we expected when we saw "Tokyo Casual" on the website, as you did.

    On to the food: We had the carpaccio, gambas, and the garlic rice to start. The raw fish for the evening was fluke, and it was nice and fresh. The dish (with the thin slices of fish sitting atop mixed greens) is similar to a sashimi salad you'd find at a lot of other Japanese restaurants, but the dressing was particularly yummy, with hints of citrus, ginger, and sesame oil. Again, nothing unusual, but good nonetheless. The gambas, on the other hand, was a huge hit with us. We were wondering how a Japanese-inspired restaurant would interpret this dish, and we were pleasantly surprised. It was served in a little cast iron pot, which contained shrimp, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and fingerling potatoes. Everything was cooked perfectly, but the sauce was the star here: it was a rich garlic-anchovy reduction and it was DELICIOUS. It went nicely with the garlic rice (which had beef in it, FYI). But on its own, the rice wasn't anything special. (We both love Filipino-style garlic rice, which is why we couldn't resist trying it.)

    For our mains, we had the mushroom spaghetti and the mentaiko spaghetti. Both were amazing, though I think the mushroom spaghetti had a slight edge because of the soy-butter sauce that had the perfect balance of salty and buttery goodness. The mentaiko was good, as well, but a little too salty for my taste. I would've liked a little more acid from the tomatoes to balance out the flavor of the cod roe.

    We ended with the green tea chocolate souffle, which I found to be a little too runny in the middle. Nevertheless, the flavor combination was lovely, and it was a perfect end to our meal.

    All around, we had a really great time at TribeCafe and will definitely be returning soon to try other things on the menu (the thai curry spaghetti is next on my list). I hope this place does well.

    277 Church St, New York, NY 10013