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Feb 17, 2010 12:50 PM

UWS or Hells Kitchen Bar for 40+ people where we can take over a back room?


I'm looking for an Upper West Side or Hell's Kitchen bar for a 40th Birthday party. I dont have any $$ to officially reserve a private room. I'm just looking for a cool place, not too loud :-) where 40+ friends can meet, drink, come and go as they please, maybe order off the menu. Looking for a place where if we started on a Saturday night starting at about 8pm we'd be early enough to take over a back room or a big section of the place.

Most of the places that I've found with private areas need you to reserve it in advance and guarantee a minimum spent, usually $1000. I can't guarantee that all 40+ people will be there at the same time...

Any suggestions?

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  1. Are you familiar with Gus and Gabriel's on 79th betw Broadway and Amsterdam? It is not a particularly big place but I have definitely strolled in there with a small group of friends and we've had the place to ourselves. There is a small bar in the front with some high tables and standing room and then a medium sized dining room in the back with approx 50 seats.
    It is a gastropub with upscale, homemade bar food and a huge bourbon and beer selection. They also have some strong cocktails and a small but decent wine selection. The management is extremely accomodating and will over backwards to make you happy. I think it is worth giving them a call to see what they say.

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      Love, love, love Gus & Gabriel's. You should check first to see if they do special events/rent out the space. Great food, beer and fun atmosphere.

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        its funny, I actually went into Gus and Gabriel's last night to ask them this very question. He seemed very open to the idea, noting that the space fits 65 people and that it would make the most sense (both for them and our wallets) if we booked it on a Saturday prior to their normal opening time of 5 pm.

        Think we are going to do something like 3 - 5 pm on a Saturday, for an upcoming 30th bday party.

        1. re: metfan630

          Good to hear. I went there recently and it was packed... I was beginning to regret my recommendation. Hope it is a good party!

    2. Try Covo. Italian restaurant underneath the arches near Fairway on 135th St. Very cool upstairs lounge that's available for private parties

      1. I'm not sure if this is too low brow but Jake's Dilemma on the UWS has a downstairs private room. They might be willing to give it for free considering the economy. Also, Lucky Strike has private rooms with private bowling alleys but they might charge you. Best of luck!

        1. Check out Landsdowne Road. Was at a birthday party there not too long ago where they reserved the back area at no charge (waitress service, but cash bar). Just a simple pub with a decent beer selection.

          1. Toloache (Mexican), W 50th St, near 8th Ave, is pretty lively, w/ good food & killer margaritas. The upstairs balcony, overlooking the main floor dining room, can accommodate a party of that size. see