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Feb 17, 2010 11:58 AM

Lambert's and Black Seed Cafe - anything worth eating?

I poked my head in both these places today after opting to visit the King (Falafel). Is there anything worth eating in either place? Some of the Lambert's baked goods looked really good, but some looked like they had been put though a dehydrator. The sandwich choices looked to be 95% Boar's Head, and my senses were so overpopulated by the sheer number of signs featuring "Boar's Head" products that I left without investigating options they might have cooked up on the premises.

The Black Seed Cafe had "Shrimp Burger" special, which intrigued me, but I wasn't sure I wanted to roll the dice on that one without getting some intel in advance.

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  1. Lambert's makes great cold sandwiches. I would stay away from anything hot.

    Make note that the DOT location does (or at least, used to do) the best Gobler sandwich around.

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      Although I usually stick with the cold sandwiches, the salad bar and soups are also pretty good at Lambert.

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      1. I mostly use Lamberts for fruits and veggies.

        Black Seed has the simple menu that you saw but I've found the overall quality to be very good. I've had the bagels and fresh squeezed juice for breakfast and lamb or chicken plates for lunch. Some of their soups are very good.

        I've never had a shrimp burger there, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Black Seed based on what I have had there...good quality

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          Thanks (and thanks on the gobbler rec, Beachowolfe). I will give them both a try. I saw a post on yelp in which someone claimed to have gotten dysentery at Black Seed from eating a chunk of lamb that was cold and raw. It gave me a bit of pause until I realized that situations like that are what spitting stuff out was invented for.

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            Black seed, I like their steak bomb wrap. Good chicken wrap too. Prefer them to Lamberts

            1. re: nsenada

              Haha. That was me and hindsight is 20/20. I eat beef very rare all the time, so I figured lamb can't be that bad for you.....

              1. re: tysonmcneely

                I got the "Asmara" wrap, which was all veggie, and thankfully no errant chunks of raw meat. It was OK, had sundried tomatoes and artichokes. It smelled funny in there, a mix of patchouli incense and cat litter (slightly used).

              2. re: nsenada

                Black Seed: I like their grilled chicken wraps. Fairly cheap (~ $7) and tasty.

                That said, with the Karo BBQ cart down the street in Downtown Crossing I have a hard time going elsewhere when I want grilled chicken.