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Feb 17, 2010 11:57 AM

Four Seasons Wailea

I have to choose one of Spago, Ferrero or Duo for dinner with my husband and another couple next week - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Ive had several bad meal at Spago. Inattentive service, unremarkable food. Duo was good a month ago.

    1. I've had wonderful meals at both Duo and Ferraro's. Only ate at Spago once and was not impressed, but I think other reviewers may disagree. One feature of Ferraro's that I really enjoy is the classical musicians that play during dinner. And you will rarely fail to be treated to a spectacular sunset. Whale sightings are also common during the season.

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        Well I for one have had marvelous meals, excellent service and wonderful memories of
        Spago Maui and also Beverly Hills. The food was always fresh, inventive and utilized
        the bounty of Maui. It's too bad that others have not had the wonderful experience that
        I have with pictures to prove it.

      2. We had a wonderful dinner for about 20 folks at Ferraro's after a beachside wedding on the beach right below the hotel. Everything went well, great food, service and lots of wine. I would not hesitate to return (though hopefully the bill will not be as high ;) )