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Feb 17, 2010 11:50 AM

Tuscany in Bridgeport CT

Any intel on Tuscany in Bridgeport? I searched but didn't find much...and there is no website...any info would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I found four threads that mention Tuscany residing in the New England Archive Board.

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    1. re: Jimmy Cantiello

      I appreciate your searching, but two of the threads were not about Tuscany in Bridgeport, and the other 2 basically just mentioned the name Tuscany with no real information, which is why I started this new thread. Hopefully someone who has eaten there has some good info for us!

      1. re: sibeats

        Tuscany is pricey but good. they make their own pasta fresh every day and at dinner they have around 8 to 10 to choose from. The server brings the pastas out on a board and explains the preperation of each one.The lobster ravioli and lamb shank are very good ,but the grilled baby octopus that is always offered as a special is great! The service is excellent.

        1. re: mrporkbelly

          Ooh...I love grilled octopus! What do you mean they bring the pastas out on a board? The finished dishes? Interesting!
          Thanks for the feedback...friends are taking us there this weekend, and I'd never heard about it before.

          1. re: sibeats

            they bring out little uncooked samples so you can see what they are. the server recites the preperation and sauce for each lobster ravioli in saffron cream, gnocci with roasted butternut squash, linguini with clams etc.
            wow i think i need to get back there!

            1. re: mrporkbelly

              That's kind of different...I like the idea of being able to see the preparation. I'll definitely report back after our dinner!

        2. re: sibeats

          Sibeats, sorry, I was just being lazy when I posted those links. I didn't even check the content of the threads. Anyway, now that you mentioned it, I have eaten there once a couple of years ago. I wasn't particularly impressed with the food or service. The portions were okay but the prices were on the high side. The only thing that stood out for me was that I noticed k.d. Lang was one of my fellow diners.

      2. I went once a couple of years back - the service was great. Food was pretty good but not amazing. Have been meaning to give it a second shot since I've heard many good things.

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        1. re: Ima Foodie

          Thought I'd report back after our dinner. We were not overly impressed...the standout was the grilled baby octopus...delicious, crispy, simple goodness. Other apps were just okay, antipasti plate was a little bland, nothing great.
          For entrees, we all had pasta. The rigatoni boccelli was good...cooked well, decadent, tasty. The housemade pastas were uniformly undercooked. My pappardelle was bland, the shrimp were overcooked and the pasta tasted like it literally wasn't even cooked...chewy and you could taste the raw flour...and it was stuck together in a clump at the bottom of the bowl. For a place that makes such a production out of having housemade fresh pasta, you'd think they'd know how to cook it properly! The mushroom agnolotti was a little better, doused in a brandy cream sauce, not as chewy as the pappardelle. Service was friendly but a little amateurish, removing plates while others were still eating, etc.

          1. re: sibeats

            Ugghhh - Such a pet peeve when they remove dishes while others are still eating. At least ask!