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Feb 17, 2010 11:30 AM

Paris, Dijon, Sancerre, Beaune

going to this three cities next week. I'll be in Paris for four days and the others for a day each. Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for places to eat or wineries to visit while am down there. Can't afford top rated restaurants, just need good food for the Euro. Any suggestions??? Pate and headcheese welcome.

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  1. If you cross the river at Sancerre and drive north about 3km, you will find Le Chat in Villechaud. This was one of our favorite food finds last year. We'll be heading back at least once this year. Essentially a road house in a suburb of Cosne, very casual but reservations mandatory.

    1. I believe Ma Cuisine in Beaune IS the top (or certainly one of them) table there. And, imho, it is a "don't miss." Welcome is warm, food is fabulous, price is reasonable, wine list is spectacular and affordable.

      I would also say don't miss the Moutarderie of Edmond Fallot (who makes imho the best mustard in the world). -- also in Beaune

      1. Would second the ladies here -- both for le Chat and Ma Cuisine etc.

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          thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately we ruled out Sancerre b/c it's a 3 hr dr. and we want to spend the most time we can out of the car. Stinks b/c Le Chat looked really good, luv places like that. Defintely going to hit Ma Cuisine, got a lot of good reviews per what I found on net to add to urs. do you all know of any good hotels at reasonable prices??? found a couple, but were leaving it pretty wide open, not booking till we get there since it's non-tourist season.

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            I've been planning a trip that includes Beaune and found, what looks like, a wonderful Bed & Breakfast - Les Jardins de Lois. Large and updated rooms, free parking, with breakfast, for 130 euros.