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Feb 17, 2010 10:58 AM

Best Fries On LI?

The other night my husband and I were watching Cops on G4 I think and it was part of their "Junk Food TV" offerings. Their little logo for Junk Food TV had a fry basket full of crispy, thick fries. Of course now both of us are dying for good fries.

Any suggestions??

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  1. European Republic
    339 New York Avenue
    Huntington, NY 11743-3579
    (631) 692-9330

    for Belgian-style fries.

    Everyone I've taken there for the fries has loved them.

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      1. re: Scott_R

        Seconded - the fries (and dips) there are fantastic.

        If you haven't tried the wraps there - they are well worth it - great value and very good as well!

        1. re: dtolman

          I love love love ER. Love their wraps and fries. Alas I no longer work on the North Shore, so it'd have to be a pilgrimage, but one that would be well worth it!

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Funny you should mention All American. After nearly 20 years living on Long Island, I finally tried the place. Fries were very good. The burger - nothing special. Good, not great. VERY thin patty, so that it pretty much has to be well done. Moreover, the thing with the West Coast style "thin thin thin" burger is that the ratio of meat to everything else is out of whack. The beef is not the dominant flavor.

          Anyway, my vote for best fries is 5 Guys. But you have to get them fresh and eat them in. They don't travel well because they aren't treated with starch, or glucose dip, etc...

          1. re: sbp

            The two times I had the fries at 5G I found them nothing special, like the burgers. About a third of them were underdone and others were mealy (I ate them at the place).

            1. re: sbp

              sbp The meat to bun ratio is indeed key, that is why the Double-Double is the way to go at All American. In the DD, the meat will be the dominant flavor. The fries however are the best item they serve. It is fast food so you need to get your fries as soon as they are made as they will,like all fries,deteriorate quickly.They cut the potatoes right there in the little kitchen area and then double fry them the french way, how many fast food places do that?

            2. So far as diners are concerned, Taby's in Oyster Bay has the best french fries. I think they are frozen. I generally ask whether fries are fresh or frozen because that is the most significant difference to me. Unfortunately, it is rare to find fresh french fries any place on LI.

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              1. re: budcar

                I don't know about All American Burger, but all the other places noted above use fresh potatoes--you can see sacks of them piled up at 5 Guys.

                1. re: EZ Pass

                  It's been a while since I've been to All American in Massapequa, but they've been cutting them from fresh potatoes as long as I've known the place. The (manually operated) potato cutter is on the left side of the place, near the back. You can it pretty clearly when they operate it.

                2. re: budcar

                  I was surprised to learn that Country Rotisserie (a small chain, don't know how far west) makes their own. I found out because they had a coupon for a free basket, no strings attached, and when I saw they said house made I had to try. They were nice, thin with skin on, very crispy but no oil flavor. (Obviously using non trans fat oil) I might even go back now and try their chicken and burgers, never would have tried otherwise.

                3. If you like sweet potato fries, the ones at Dixie's Smokehouse in Kings Park were greaseless and superb on my single visit there.

                  1. Bumping an old thread...........

                    Fellow 'hound Erica Marcus reports Shake Shack has changed over to fresh cut fries


                    I had them last Saturday and was a little less satisfied then Erica. They were to short and skinny, though very tasty and still much better then all the frozen stuff out there that makes up 99% of the market.

                    For "fast food style" I still go All American one and Five Guys when done right, number two, followed by Shake Shack. The Shack is still my favorite "fast food style" burger so the improvement just adds to my pleasure. By the way, the lines even at peak hours is not terrible and moves fast.Last Saturday at 5, I waited a total of twenty minutes from in the door to food in my hands.

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                    1. re: stuartlafonda

                      Stuart, did you see this, embedded in the Shake Shack post? Our favorite fries on LI:


                      You cannot beat this dinner at Hildebrandt's: fries accompanied by a chocolate ice-cream soda.

                      1. re: emarcus

                        LOVE that y'all included Hildebrandt's fries. Exactly like they are served in Greece. And how my mom made them, hand cut rounds, shallow fried. I can taste them now!
                        But the European Republic fries were not all that great the other day, maybe a place that needs to be revisited...